Teaching Clem how to defend herself is one of the games sweeter moments

SPOILER ALERT: This review of Walking Dead Episode 3 (Long Road Ahead) assumes you’ve played the first two episodes, because we talk about major events from them both. If you haven’t played them yet, check out our full reviews of episode one and episode two. Because, y’know, they’re awesome.

The nightmare continues...

After the rather predictable ‘twist’ in episode two (anyone who’s seen a horror film featuring an isolated hicksville family must’ve known from the start what that band of weirdos was snacking on), the Walking Dead crew are back in their shabby motel, just about managing to survive. Episode three starts in predictable fashion, with Kenny and Lilly at each other’s throats about whether they should stay or go. It’s a rather hum-drum beginning, with yet another zombie attack in the drugstore followed by a dull bit of ‘who’s been nicking our drugs’ detective work, which as usual involves talking to everyone until they point you in the right direction.

However, things quickly pick up with a well-handled action scene that ends with the rowdy rabble fleeing the motel in Kenny’s trusty RV. From this point episode three hits a lot of high notes, each vastly different from the next. Most of the highlights once again come courtesy of the interactions with your fellow survivors, whether it’s talking down the increasingly unhinged Lilly, sparring with your supposed best friend Kenny or bonding with precious little Clementine, who is by far our favourite character.

Here today...

We won’t ruin anything to come, but The Walking Dead episode three contained two stand-out moments for us. One is a masterful stroke of teeth-edge tension, which ends with the biggest ‘holy sh*t’ moment so far, while the second is a scene so tragically abhorrent that our vision went a little bit blurry. We had to watch a Jean Claude Van Damme marathon straight after to prove we were still mega manly. Suffice to say, not every character who survived episode two will still be around come the end of this one.

We have just two complaints with Walking Dead episode three. The first is a distinct lack of decent action. There are just two worthy scenes in all, and neither are even half as tense as the epic battles at the ends of episodes one and two. Our second complaint is that Walking Dead is still far too easy. Puzzles are rudimentary at best, often involving little more than speaking to the right people or finding an object that’s out in plain view. We know that the game is driven by its plot, but it’s still a game and should at least pose some sort of challenge. We’ve only seen the ‘Game Over’ screen once in these three episodes, and that was only because we’d dropped the mouse in fright.

With just two episodes left to go, we’re interested to see what direction this series is going to take. One thing’s for sure: we’re not holding out much hope for a happy ending...

Hey, this is a shotgun not a chew toy!