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So minecraft is definately one of the biggest indie (though it is fast becoming mainstream) games at the moment, possibly even the biggest. It goes without saying that minecraft is brilliant, in this review i am just going to tell you my honest opinion. As far as graphics go for minecraft they arent that amazing, obviously, but it wouldnt be minecraft otherwise. There are texture packs you can get that will allow for some awesome visuals if you have got the right components and software to run it. The gameplay of minecraft is intense and ultimately enjoyable, this is due to the fact that it has such longevity because of its vast amount of customisation in house design and the amount of craftable items and things to do EG redstone, farming, potion making etc. Personally i enjoy making farms, enchanting and just designing/building houses in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Both singleplayer and multiplayer are so enjoyable in different ways, singlplayer for its ease and little lag and multiplayer for enjoyment of sharing designs and building with friends. Minecraft can be most enjoyed when you set yourself goals and try different things such as farming and redstone. I think for the price and playability of minecraft anyone with practically any computer and of most ages and genders can enjoy the experience that is minecraft, especially with a friend. 10/10