The Elder Scrolls V
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dovahkiin fighting dragon


The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is one of the best, biggest and immersive RPG games ever created. Very similar to other Bethesda's games like Fallout 3 and it's prequel, Oblivion, it is very recognisable in terms of it's graphics and gameplay. However, Skyrim (although sequel to Oblivion's story and lore) looks a lot more like Fallout than Oblivion mostly because of it's modified Fallout 3 engine and variety of quests.


Skyrim's gameplay looks, on the first glance, very simple: leveling, enjoying the vast open world, conversations and killing monsters, elves and humans alike. While, it is basically true that the main part of Skyrim is killing (especially the Dark Brotherhood), there is also the completely new "family life" manifested in marriage and Hearthfire DLC, overhauled Oblivion combat (greatest changes are noticed in archery - in Oblivion, you had to empty your entire quiver in order to kill someone, while in Skyrim, 3-5 arrows are enough), leveling, sneaking, casting spells, lockpicking and dramatical changes in NPC's AI.

One of the most important things about the gameplay are dragons, who are dangerous new"bosses" that can spawn anywhere, simlar to Oblivion's Oblivion gates. Unlike the gates, dragons you can't simply ignore, but they are much less annoying and easier to remove. By killing them, you steal their souls and use them to unlock special powers - shouts.



Quests in Skyrim are very much alike to the ones in Oblivion. Unfortunately, they are largely consisted of: "bring me that item" and "clear out that cave of bandits" objectives. However, there are some quests that can be really amusing and funny. For example (spoiler), one entire quest is a reference to a comedy film "Hangover", while in some, you get to meet your "old friends" from Oblivion like those pesky evil daedric princes (Sheogorath!!!) and some old friends that made you play Oblivion just one more time before Skyrim came out.



The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is set in the same named imperial province of Skyrim located north of Cyrodiil, west of Morrowind and east of Hammerfell, torn apart by the bloody civil war between the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks. Unfortunately, the Nordic god of destruction, Alduin who took the form of a dragon and his dragon followers who seek to enslave the entire mortal life harass the world. You are dovahkiin (dragonborn), the only mortal who can kill dragons and absorb their souls. All that you find about later in the game, because, just like in Oblivion, you begin the game as a prisoner awaiting execution. (I will not spoil it further)

The game is at least 300 hours long (the main quest is some 30 hours), but if you are planning on completing every secondary quest, it will last you a lot longer. But, if you decide that you HAVE TO "analyze" every possible location in this game, you will play it almost forever.



Even though Skyrim was made for consoles in the first place, ironically, the game is heavily suffering from various bugs, glitches and crashing on them. The game appears to run best on pc where at least some of the bugs can be overcome by using console commands. Another major difference between Skyrim's PC and consoles variants are the game's graphics. Today's consoles simply can't cope up with modern games and, because of that, have reduced AA and texture filtering capabilities and Skyrim is no exception. (graphics on consoles look approximately like medium - high graphics on pc).



Just like every The Elder Scrolls and Fallout game before it, Skyrim is an ultra mod friendly game. There are mods for all kinds of things, but the most widespread are probably character creation mods, animation mods, armor and weapons mods, HD textures mods, prostitution mods and so on. In my opinion, overmodding Skyrim can make the game boring and some non lore friendly mods can completely destroy your world of Skyrim.

WARNING: modding can be hazardous for your game so, if you want to mod your Skyrim, it would be best for you to make backup saves.

WHERE TO FIND BEST MODS FOR SKYRIM: you should check out Steam workshop and Skyrim Nexus for mods. Both sites have the massive variety of mods and most of thems have "how to install" tutorials.

This is my first article on GD. Hope you like it. I also highly recommend this game to anyone who loves RPGs and sandbox.