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World War II is over, and now a new era shines upon the gaming world, the modern warfare era, The famous Call of Duty Series known for its World War II based games enters the modern warfare era, Call of Duty 4:- Modern Warfare jumps into the gaming world, developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, released on November 2007 for PC. 

The game is set on a modern fictional plot. The game is loaded with modern real-time weapons and new warfare tactics with realistic environment and highly detailed graphics. The improved control options has enhanced the gaming experience although the single player campaign is little short than other games, an experienced gamer can easily finish the single player game within 12 hours. The Single Player Campaign has a prologue and three different acts and lastly an epilogue. But eventually the lack of short single player game play is compensated by the thrilling environment, unexpected twists in story line, and of-course with a great graphics design, the character modeling, weapon designs, world selection and orientation, terrain detailing, water quality and the hole presentation of the game is exceptionally vivid and realistic in nature. The player can carry only two weapons at a time, the weapons can be swapped with another weapon of choice; the player is able to carry grenades, smoke grenades, flashbangs and night vision scope. The player can use three different stances- stand..crouch..prone..Which helps the player to accommodate with the game play, when the character is within the blast range of a grenade thrown by enemy, a marker indication appears on the screen which gives the direction of the grenade, and from there the player can toss the grenade back from where it came or just move to a safe distance. The game is set on first person shooter perspective.

The Multiplayer features makes Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare a complete Package, the players can play death match on various maps, and also team based games can be played on multiplayer. After completing a challenge players gain experience points which are used to unlock new weapons and challenges and advancing to new level.


The story takes place in a fictional world where a civil war takes place in Russia, The president of an unnamed country from the Middle-East gets executed by Khaled Al-Asad, one of the antagonists of the game. Al-Asad controls a small country of the Middle East and embraces an anti-Western motivation. Eventually the main antagonist of the game will be revealed through out the game play, Imran Zakhaev, the leader of the Russian ultranationalist party who depicts that the government has sold their soil, their economy, their culture, their country to the Western powers, and so forth they must endure a ruthless revolution against the western powers. the player has to stop the catastrophic nuclear threat from the ultranationalist party, capture Al-Asad and Imran Zakhaev and his son Victor Zakhaev.

Players gets to control different characters throughout the game play, beginning with Sergeant”SOAP” Mac Tavish of 22nd SAS regiment. Followed by Sergent Paul Jackson of USMC First Force Recon, and also the role of Captain Price in two flashback missions where price is in lieutenant rank, and some other short time roles are included in the game.   



The game has tremendously thrilling line up story, although the story line is short, but still it really doesn’t spoil the game play experience. With the highly detailed graphics and ease of control the game surpassed all previous call of duty games, and with added multiplayer features the game attends phenomenal multiplayer gaming experience.

Lastly the game is of pure action based thrilling modern warfare settings which gamers will love to play.

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