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Can a Noble King go to fight a war and come back to his Kingdom without some guy boning his wife?

Aparently not...

Maximo: Ghost to Glory, a classic game in CAPCOM's "Gouls and Goblins", comes back to the PlayStation 2 (and on the PlayStation 3 as a Downloadable Content on the Playstation Network), rejuvinated and filled with...well bones. This installment of the game has a certain feel too it. It's not violent with blood and bodyparts, but it has enough to have you playing long hours. This is a game for all ages, though the ESRB may think differently.

I first played this game when I had my Playstation 2 and I was delighted to know that I was able to download it onto the PlayStation 3. Reliving the Glory days of Maximo was nostalgic, and had me playing for hours, even though many today would classify this as a "Kiddie Game".

Now, on to the beef!

The Good

  1. Good graphics, for an old game: We must remember that PlayStation 2 had the Emotions engine (at the time) and as such for it's time, the graphics good. As with most other games, it wasn't an Open-world so you can only go to the predefined path. It didn't matter, because the idea was to HACK AND SLASH your way through the levels.  The enemies was well defined, as they were of different shapes, sizes and types.
  2. Gamplay is solid...VERY solid!: This is a game with a mission. Sure, saving a Princess or Queen is Mainstream, but try going to the Netherrealm (Hades in that game, Hell) and back? Maximo carries you all over the place, from cemetaries, steamy jungles, frozen wastes, and even hell! And it doesn't stop there. Even when you are in the stage select area, you have to fight. 
  3. Lots of Goodies: In this game you have a variety of items to use or obtain when you play. You have different swords with different powers and powerups, and at the end of whole levels,collecting all the kisses from each of the witches (which are hot by the way) woud give you a special prize when you defeat the game.

The...Not So Good

  1. Weird Save SystemYou have to pay to save your game with coins that you collect along the way. While this in itself is not a bad thing to a veteran, newer players may find this a bit challenging (and perhaps even annoying), especially in the age of restart or respawn.
  2. Continues: You have to pay to get continues as well (just like saving). This one does make sense, because you made a deal with the Grim Reaper. As long as you have Underworld coins (of which the price increases the further you go or the more times you continue) you would be able to continue when you die. You need 50 souls to gain 1 Underworld coin. Once again, to the veterans this is the challenge. To newer players, this is a nightmare!

Maximo is a game you should pick up if you're in for adventure. It has the classic "damsel in distress", but with more of the action. Maximo does indeed have his work cut out for him.


Gotta save the sweet Queen!