I got given this game by a friend who also had this game. He told me that it was a really good game and i could afford it so he bought me it. My first game i played it was de_dust2. The game looked beautiful! It was easy to pick up the controls and a fun game to play. At the minute there are many different game modes, some of them are: ze-Zombie Escape, PB- Prisonbreak, GG-Gungame, Bhop-Bunnyhopping, Mg-Minigames And more.. If you play or try any of these game modes you will be pleased with the quality of them. So i recommend buying this game you will love it. Also there are many servers with a huge community and most of them are very friendly, you will love the community part of this game also. At a price of £12 this game is amazing, so go buy yours!