Valve recently released a game called Counter Strike Global Offensive. Counter-Strike has been Valve's least updated video game , and CS:GO will be the biggest title of the series. 


From Remodeled Characters , Maps , Weapons and a newer engine , CS:GO has slightly better graphics than

Previous Release , CS source. 


Nothing change , same old-school , needs Tactics , Strategy and guts for players who are willing to win.

Smooth , Rich and especially when you kill someone it feels good because of the huge demand of skills.

The sound of the guns are awesome , the teammates are always reporting in so that you can have an idea about their situation. 


The new UI is much easier and more attractive than the previous ones.


Bad-ass , Better models , textures , sound than previous Titles


CTs &Ts have many characters a different faction every map. There is no ability to choose a faction. Better models . :)


Unlike other FPS games released in this year , This game is kinda addictive fun and will give you satisfaction for the price :) It has a chance to be the #1 online fps in 2012