The Elder Scrolls V
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Tes Skyrim is the newest game of the The elder scrolls series.It gives the player the role of the dragonborn,or dovahkiin,and the quest to kill Alduin(the bad dragon if you will).


While you explore the world doing quests you will be fascinated of how much the game changed if compared with oblivion or any other Elder Scrolls,while it brings new types of quests,enemies and scenario,it brings a glitchy,kinda boring game if played too much(unless you are a REAL fan).I played it myself to level 40 and finished the main quest faster than I ever thought it would be,its just so short,yet amazing,if you take a look at oblivion's main quest or even morrowind.

After lvl 30 the game also felt easy for me,killing dragons with 2 attacks is not something people go after,no,they want a challenge,something that will make them stay there for a good time thinking why they didnt take 10+ healing potions or saved the game before.But the game isnt all bad,if you ignore such things you will be incredibly amazed of how much side quests or dragons they give you,how many awesome shouts you can do,and dont get me started at the guilds the player can enter.

The graphics also changed alot,characters look better,enemies scarier than never,and enviroment prettier tha n the previous games or games of the same kind.

The combat,one of the worst aspects of the game,it feels lame,non-thrilling and dull.But the game has such a big community that mods can change the way you kill or attack your enemies.

Overall,a good game if you can ignore the bugs and the combat system,and dont forget to mod the game if  it doesnt feel right for you.