Amnesia TDD is a PC only horror game,and when I say horror,I really mean it.

You are Daniel,and you wake up in a castle wondering how you did you get there,but as the game says,you forgot,and its up to you to find out how did you end up there.

I almost took  a **** while playing this game,and if you dont believe me buy it and try it yourself.Its really different from every horror game you've ever seen,just picture a game where you cant kill,all you can do is hide and those monsters arent really blind.

At the start you may think its another stupid horror game that wont make you jump,and you are wrong,at the start it wont be scary,but as you proceed in the game and complete puzzles,you realize you are not alone.At the first rooaar you hear your brain will focus on one thing:The perfect hiding spot.The monsters will not have mercy on you if they see you and wont stop chasing untill you shut a door on their faces,but that wont stop them,since they got hands and can break them down.

The game is not always dark,because you have your lantern,and if it runs out of oil,you are screwed big time.Not only you cant see monsters,you will go mad,thats right,the game has a sanity system and if you stay on the dark or stare at your enemies you will go insane and will pass out leaving you vulnerable.

Also,expect to die alot in the game before you can really understand how it works,you cant run or kill(as I already said).The game has a superb story and atmosfere and when you really get into the game,it gets scarier than before.Nice eh?

The graphics arent the best out there,but it doesnt matter,its an horror game,not action.The enemies are well made and thats enough to keep you scared and not bored.


Overall,if you are looking for a new game,with different aspects from the others,you might want to consider buying new pants,cause this game will scare the **** out of you.Totally recommend.