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The game that almost single-handedly bankrupted Midway Games...

Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe was a game with lots of potential. It HAD the right elements, but the wrong people. As such...it failed. To be honest, you cannot put a non killing universe into a killing environment. So, MK vs DCU should have been MK vs KI (Killer Instinct)...

Now, since it had potential we would look at the good and the bad in the game. I myself got thrown off at the name alone, and I knew if they had collaborated with RAREWARE instead of DC Comics, would would have had a more burtal and exciting game.

The Good

  1. Lots of people to choose from: From Superman and Batman to the Legendary Scorpion and Sub Zero, there were many people to choose in this game. The storyline was okay as well, though it didn't make too much sense.
  2. Gameplay is Relatively Solid: Apart from the weird storyline, at least the fights were okay. Kicking ass with the Joker was quite interesting with all the tricks up his sleeve, and his fatality was the best in the entire game!. Batman was rather believable in terms of the fights, but putting superman there was a bit of overkill. 
  3. Fall fighting: You can throw people off a balcony and fight mid-air. It was an interesting concept and had bit more action than the original versions. (MK6 and MK7 could also kick you or throw you off of a balcony, but it usually results in you just falling to the ground or falling to your DEATH!)

The Bad

  1. Putting a non killing game in a killing arena: Mortal Kombat has ALWAYS been about killing, blood and fatalities. First off, they killed the franchise by adding "Hero Fatality", where they don't kill you, they just get angry and pound you into the ground. What annoys me about this is that Superman can smash you to pieces, and batman can strap bombs to you and blow you up...none of which was used.
  2. Story was weird: The way of which the Kombatants entered into the world of DC comics was just plain awful. We understand realms and portals, but Shao Khan merging with Darkseid? That is something he doesn't do. Also, Shang Tsung teaming up with the MK side making them good? Everything was just too mixed up... 
  3. The Competition: Now we knew that Midway tried to compete with CAPCOM's successful run on their versus structure of mixing 2 different worlds. CAPCOM knew the winning formula because both worlds do not kill (that much) in their worlds. As such, pitting MARVEL Comics versus CAPCOM Universe was very sensible and addictive. When Midway tried the same thing, they used the wrong people. A more fesible versus would have been Mortal Kombat vs Killer Instinct. Both games had fatalities and the high speed of KI could have been brought down by a few percent to facilitate and I'm sure many people would have liked to see Reptile go up against Riptor.

We really hope that Warner Brothers Games do not make the same mistake. If they are to make a MK vs, make sure it's a game that makes sense. They should have gone with MK vs KI.