Bioshock Infinite
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The Bioshock franchise has sure been pretty influential on the current generation of gaming. It might well be because of the atmospheric setting Bioshock games tend to take place in, along with brilliant writing and a great gameplay. Bioshock titles also often involve morality, and making decisions which change the outcome of the plot.

I hope the upcoming game Bioshock Infinite will not be an exception. This time around, the game will be set in the bright city of Columbia, back in 1912. Due to the history period of the game, Bioshock Infinite is not considered a direct Sequel, nor a Prequel of the inmediate previous Bioshock 2, as it will concentrate on a totally different storyline and characters. 

We will be assuming the identity of a former agent of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, named Booker DeWitt, who is sent to the deceitful air-city of Columbia, to find and secure a young lady by the name of Elizabeth, who has been held against will for twelve years. Elizabeth is no ordinary woman, having at her disposal of a variety of powers involving the manipulation at desire of the space-time continuum.

Though Bioshock Infinite will not be a sequel or a prequel, it will keep the mechanics and gameplay characteristic from the Bioshock games, such as dual wielding a fire weapon in one hand and supernatural powers in the other hand. There are, as would be expected from a new title on a franchise, new features on gameplay, this being the Grappling Hook, a device used by Booker that will enable him to traverse around Columbia, through a system of railways spread across the air-suspended city. The Skyline system will seemingly widen the overall experience and set the mood for a not so far fetched idea of a flying city.

One of the aspects that was criticized as a rather negative feature on the previous Bioshock games was the inclusion of the Vita-Chambers, which are, as the name suggests, chambers where the player would "resurrect" from death. It was an idea particular, that goes hand in hand with the previous Rapture setting, which makes me and most likely many more people what will be used as checkpoints and reviving spots on Bioshock Infinite. This generated somewhat a plot hole in the game, as I wonder why did the many bosses use the Vita-Chambers, though it is exclusively a gameplay feature and has nothing to do with the storyline.

Bioshock Infinite's setting seems just as captivating as the dark mooded Rapture, built under water. Booker will engage both static, indoors and in fast movement while navigating through the Skyline of Columbia. This will be the key on giving Columbia a very particular touch hopefully, as an immersive game is really expected from Bioshock.

If we take previous Irrational Games titles such as Bioshock and Bioshock 2 themselves, they should do a bang job this time with Bioshock Infinite. All that's left is to wait for the February release of Bioshock Infinite, and only then will we see if it lives up to the hype, and if steping away from Rapture maybe was a bad idea for another Bioshock game.

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