Dead Space 3
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Right in the kisser!

So close to end year, I cannot help but think of upcoming 2013 games, especially the ones that are near at hand, such is the case of Dead Space 3. Our beloved engineer hero Isaac Clarke is back and ready to mutilate some limbs.

Dead Space 3 is set to be released on February 2013, two years after Dead Space 2. That's a lot of anticipation for one of the most exciting sequels of the next year. Will Dead Space 3 live up to the expectations? 

New mechanics are introduced in Dead Space 3; cover up elements, dodging and even barrel rolling. One of the things that made me scream like there's no tomorrow while playing Dead Space and Dead Space 2 was the incapability of doing agile maneuvers to step away from a tricky situation where three Necromorphs are closing in to devour your entrails. Well that doesn't seem to be the case on Dead Space 3, since Isaac Clarke will have many flashy moves at his disposal. 

A new Weapon Crafting mechanic is now being added, to allow Isaac to build weapons, giving him the freedom to customize his own tools, which he will be using to open his way to unravel the secrets that the Marker holds. I remember there were weapons in Dead Space 2 I never got to use, such as the flamethrower, either because having multiple weapons was really difficult due to insufficient funds or just because I didn't dig the gamestyle of such weapons. It appears now we will be able to burn some Necros down to ashes, while ripping both his legs off, since we can add multiple offensive measures to take down the horrors that lie within the dark halls of Dead Space 3. Different custom weapon blueprints are found throughout the game, so people who don't like taking their time building a weapon can just pick them up and construct them at the nearest friendly Weapon Bench, which will be replacing the Bench from previous installments. The different adding parts of the weapons will be: the frame, the tool, adaptors, attachments and modules; all of which will decide how your Weapons behave. Devs made ammo be general, that meaning there's no separate ammo for each kind of bullet fired.

New enemies make their appearance, such as gun wielding soldiers from the Unitology belief, and melee wielding necromorphs. I'm not much into these new features, as I liked to be the one going into guns blazing against hordes of Necros. We will have to take advantage of the cover system to avoid getting holed by the hands of Unitology soldiers. Not all the necromorphs will be using melee, although some will be using guns. Yep, if a Necro reach a Unitology soldier, by his dismay, it will kill the hell out of him and take possession of his weapon. I can't imagine a Necro approaching me, while he holds a gun pointing at my head; it's to expect these baddies will not have a great deal of accuracy, but that will add some difficult value to deal with them, since it will be shooting as he gets to you to finish you off by eating your several organs.

Drop in/drop out Co-op experience will be available for the game; the second player being able to control Sergeant John Carver. Worrie not, horror lovers, since although the second character will not be exclusive to the co-op, he will not interfere for most of the time on the Single Player campaign, instead just showing up occasionally as any NPC does. Players will be able to exchange weapon blueprints through co-op.

The setting will be firstly, at the icy planet of Tau Volantis, filled with environmental dangers, like falling objects and so on. The frozen planet will not be a walk in the park, and Isaac will have to strive to find the origins of the Marker.

Dead Space 3 went down the road of looking for a broader audience by adding action elements, although Devs have constantly been saying it won't alienate Hard to the Core fans of the classic horror survival IP. Let's just cross our fingers and wait for a good sequel, for Dead Space 3 to not be just another action 3rd person shooter.

Gun wielding enemies, damn