Sam looks even younger

Not much is known about the upcoming Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, other than Michael Ironside will unfortunately not lend his beautiful voice for Sam Fisher, and that it has Blacklist on its name, such fact indicates a progression feeling in the game, which is always good to keep us gamers playing and wanting to take down every single criminal on the list. Sam has to stop the Blacklist from reaching Zero, by interrupting the malicious acts of a group of twelve rogue terrorists, aiming at VIP people of United States, such as important assets crucial for the american nation. 

Splinter Cell: Blacklist carries on where Splinter Cell: Convitcion left off. Sam Fisher is now assigned as the commander of the new team of operatives, called Fourth Echelon, whose primary objective is to erase from the map what remains of the corrupted Third Echelon and their shady operations. Fourth Echelon reports and answeres exclusively to PatriciaCaldwell, the president of the US of A. Fourth Echelon is also set to target the inevitable terrorist attacks of the Blacklist.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist was first revealed in the Microsoft Press Conference at E3 this year. From what the video let us see, it resemblances some mechanics from Future Soldier, as well as the graphics and landspace. Hell, it's Tom Clany after all. In the gameplay Demo, we got a glimpse of new stuff of the game, namely Kinect exclusive features like whispering to disrupt the enemy concentration. The classic "cover-to-cover" mechanic couldn't miss out, being the key to bring the stealth element upon the gameplay. Mark and Execute is back and renewed, by the name of "Killing in Motion"; taking out an enemy with a melee kill grants you the Execute ability, allowing Sam to Mark multiple visible enemies and take them out within a split second and in Slow-Mo. This doesn't only look Badass, but it's extremely useful when fighting large groups of baddies. 

Parkour-like reflexes obviously are present, being Sam a very gifted agent. If you are hiding behind cover due to being outnumbered, you can get out it by jumping over it, run to the nearest enemy and grabbing him as a human shield, then executing him to gain Motion Kill and take out the remaining watchers. Interrogations make their return, although the Demo only showed cutscenes displays of them.

Gadgets take an important role through Fisher's tough operatives, as you will find yourself into tricky situations. Outnumbered but never Outgunned, you can take advantage from Sam's arsenal and throw a flashbang to disrupt your enemies line of vision, and go Guns Blazing, or run away as you please. Sonar googles will be crucial for Sam's suicide mission, as it will result in the ultimate stealth action. Hell, Sam can even call for an Air Strike, to outcome heavy situations like confronting turrets.

Spy vs Mercs multiplayer is included. Looks like Splinter Cell is going back to previous installments for the multiplayer this time around. Splinter Cell: Blacklist is yet another sequel due to release in 2013, Spring more specifically. I hope Devs don't deviate too much from the roots, since nowadays games seem to be going down the action road, even some nice horror titles; I hope for good stealth.

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