The Elder Scrolls V
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Skyrim, one of the greatest games i've ever played and quite possibly the most innovative game in the RPG genre. The immersive gameplay allows players to do anything, and be whoever anyone. The storyline is a great tale of the return of an evil dragon named Alduin, who's plan it is to destroy the world. His master plan consists of raising from the dead all of the fallen dragons, which your character must defeat. You must fulfill your destiny as Dragonborn and defeat Alduin and save Skyrim, a task which is quite challenging indeed. The game also offers a great number of side quests and misc quests that you will encounter by meeting and talking to various NPCs. There are also a number of separate questlines, there is one in each of the major cities. Whiterun-The Companions Riften-The Thieves Guild Windhelm-The Civil War (Stormcloaks side) Solitude-The Civil War (Imperials Side) and many more. Also with the ever-growing modding community, players can continue to add content to their game to make much more entertaining, and make it fun all the time. Mods can add a large variety of content to the game such as: New quests, new weapons/armor, new places to explore, new npcs and followers, improved grapihcs and so on. I would highly recommend this game to any fan of the RPG genre or people who like an interactive game that responds to decisions that they make throughout the playtime. It's a game that i'm sure will last many years and will never grow old.