Cops Are Intelligent

     Most Wanted 1 was the game registered in my mind when i finished it 5 years back. I had finished it 3 times and it is the best racing game i have ever played. I always wanted a sequel for this game and i was very exited when i heard about the sequel in GD. I had very high expectations for this game, but I clearly am disappointed after playing this game. Maybe i was too exited about the title being named as Most Wanted which made me to think of this game in high standards.


Now to talk about the game, this sequel comes with some new features and new cars. The Open World action in Most Wanted gives you freedom to drive anywhere. The races will take place in a whole new city at a whole new level with lots of good places to see while driving. The game-play is simple and exiting. You will have to earn speed points by finishing first in races, completing milestones, evading cops and so on. You can then play against the Most Wanted drivers after earning sufficient amount of Speed points. You will have to beat the Best to be the Best. The cops in the game are also very intelligent and cunning unlike the cops in MW1. Its hard to evade the cops than in MW1.The one thing which took me by surprise is that there is NO car customization. You will be awarded certain Benefits like Nitros, off road tires when you finish first or second places in the races. Eventually you will have to change cars even if you don't want to. The events are also based according to the cars. The handling is also not so good. You should get past the cops and your rivals using pure driving skills and aggression. And surely the game could have been better with a proper storyline like the previous MW. The Map is also Huge, so you can just test your driving skills around the city.

If its one that stood out as a plus point was the graphics. The graphics of the game are very good and beautiful. The environment is very good, especially the Buildings and Bridges. It is realistic. The traffic will test your pure driving skills. The Crashes also look stunning and Realistic.

The multi-player is also good. You can hang out with your friends and toy law enforcements if you get bored with the usual races. It’s all about you and your friends to have fun.

Overall the game did not meet my expectations. I mean, there is no car customization which is a huge blow to the game. The game-play also did not stand out much as i expected. The only thing that came out as a plus point was the Graphics and the optimization of the game. It’s certainly well optimized. Even Low end Rigs can also run this game in low settings. So this game is Worth to Buy, if Racing games are your passion. But if you buy the game hoping that it is as good as the previous Most Wanted then you MAY get disappointed.


The Graphics look great.