FIFA 13 : What a game!

Written by GameBoy27 on Sun, Nov 11, 2012 11:11 AM
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How well optimised is Fifa 13 for PC? 6.4

FIFA is a great series from EA Sports which is presenting great football games every year to gamers. Every year improved from before, FIFA was rarely seen frustating gamers, rather then impressing with it's world of beautiful football.

Starting from 1993, FIFA 13 is the 20th installment of this series. Let's come to different sides of the game which I faced.

  • Graphics : Graphics have improved a bit from FIFA 12.With great detail and with some options included such as playing in very low graphics settings.
  • Sound : Along with graphics, sound system has also become better. Great sound and graphics make the gamer feel like being in the real football field.
  • Gameplay : Coming to the best part of FIFA 13. Great gameplay and super AI makes it fun to play and excellent tactics makes it even better. Tactical defending is a new feature that has been added which also makes the gameplay awesome.
  • What's new : Some new features have been added to the career mode(specially manager mode) which gamers have been demanding for a long time. Such as managing national teams, counter offers & offering players in transfer all gave FIFA 13 an even better spot as the best football game in 2012.

With all these new features, FIFA 13 is ready to defend it's title as the best football game of the year as well as putting on a competition to be the bestselling game. EA Sports saying it the most authentic football game on this planet. And playing the game, I don't think it will break heart of any FIFA lover.......



  • Excellent AI
  • Great gameplay
  • Great graphics and sound


  • Bit complicated menu



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