This is my first time, be gentle ;x (Dirty minded people in 3...2...1)
But all jokes aside this is my first review so yeah.

And the subject is: -drum solo-
Need for Speed Most Wanted :D
Not the black edition, the original version.

Where to start... since this is my first time .-. I would appreciate some tips after this.

I got to say this has been the best game out of the NFS  series, for me.

The story is great, I love how you go through the Black list just because of revenge/your BMW (Which Razor took from you)

Gameplay is amazing, from the start up to nitro, it's great.

The cinematics/movies/videos are also amazing.

Now the cars, there are more than 30+ cars if I can remember right, and 15 collectionable cars you can get from the pink slips of the blacklist.

The car cuztomization was neat, tho it could have done better, still good.

Let's see...what am I missing?

OH YEAH, the heat/police is intense! From Heat 5 to Heat 6 are extreme! 

There are also cool mods, like the 'impossible heat 5 chase'
Or car replacement, 

Thank god I'm only talking about the original most wanted, not the new one of2012, god, it ruined my expectations.

This game has marked a great part in my childhood/adolecence, and this was the reason I started to love car games in the first place.

So that's for my first simple review :'D


In-game footage :)