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The True Father of the GTA Series!

Grand Theft Auto 3. What can I say about this game? As the title implies, it was and still is a Mafiasco Masterpiece! This was the game that had really started the GTA franchise. Anyone who has not heard of this game was probably not old enough to play it, or too young in general. This was the benchmark for all other GTA games in the franchise, being the first 3D version and the biggest Open World version (in 2001)

At a time where DVD's replaced CD's for disk space in games, DMA (now known as Rockstar North) knew they had enough space for the game, and they delivered. This review may not cover all aspects, but we shall take up as much as we possibly can without prantling on like an excited Primary School girl...

Grand Theft Auto 4 is squarely based off of GTA 3, as most of the characters (that you work for) are in one way or another associated with GTA 3, either by looks or nationality. Also, the 3 Islands of the Liberty City of GTA 4 closely corresponds to the 2 islands and a peninsula of the Liberty City of GTA 3

The Good:

  1. Third Person View: The Previous GTA's (GTA 1 and GTA 2) view was a top-down setting. This meant that the field of view was only limited to the size of the screen. With the 3D Third Person view, you now have an extended fields, as you can see in any direction. This made gameplay more fun, as your chracter can be made to do many maneuvers and you can see them better. Driving your car was more sensible too, as driving from top-down was a bit difficult without practice...
  2. Missions: This game had many missions and you worked for various people. The mission setup was unique, as cutscenes give you a better perspective of the mission at hand. From Grand Theft Auto (lol) to Assasinations and Prison Breaks, there is something for everyone here...
  3. Graphics: For it's time, GTA 3 had ideal graphics to run on many PC's. A small number of persons thought that GTA 3 was going to be released for PS1, however, this was not the case. And for good reason! Fully Drivable and Destructable cars, in house cutscenes and even Prostitution sex makes this game so worthwhile.
  4. Vehicles: You (the player) have numerous vehicles at your disposal. With the exception of helicopters, you can control ANY vehicle once they are available to you (even Tanks. Those are fun). The Dodo however (a plane with the wings shortened) is one controlable (and only controalble) plane that has very little use as it does not fly. Though there are "Dodos" that fly normally, these are not available to you.
  5. Gameplay: Do I really have to explain this? Solid, straightforward, simple. That's all you need to know.
  6. Playlength: At the end of the entire game, you can still earn money by doing taxi Missions, Police and Army (Vigilante) or Ambulance Missions. If we were to add this up, you would probably still be playing the game to this day (too bad it doesn't work on Windows 7 easily).

The Bad...as rare as it is.

  1. Can't Swim: This was important, since you were virtually surrounded by water. If you fall in, you would drown, so you'd be in a sticky pickle if your boat catches fire or your car tips over the edge. 
  2. Can't Jump out of cars: This was probably due to the time the game was created. Jumping out of cars started with GTA Vice City, but it would have been really useful here.
  3. Useless Dodo (plane): Our guess is that the Dodo Plane was basically a stunt or achievement plane. This is because when you look at the Stats, you can actually see "Longest Flight in Dodo". Perhaps it was the developers trying to see how far people can fly with it.
  4. Can't Walk into Buildings: In more ways than one, being on the street all the time feels lonely. Even if you were to walk into a building, it is a cutscene or to save.

If you want to start a Criminal Career, you should start here, with Claude!


What a Mafiasco Masterpiece!

Claude, the strong silent type!