Battlefield 3
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This is an outstanding game!!

The graphics, gameplay and depth into weapons and customizations are just extraordinary, providing you with great tools to be a hero on the Battlefield. I recommend this game over Call of Duty due to its amazing gameplay and the depth into customizing weapons, loadouts and camouflage. Very exciting. Loses to Call of Duty with respect to fun, and sometimes kills are 'taken away from you'.

I give this game a rating 9.5/10. The 0.5 that i did not give it was its depth into the different maps, and the not so good campaign. Nevertheless a great game for multiplayer which has much variety into game tactics and better sniping spots that that of Crysis 2 or Call of Duty.

EA and DICE have really gone all out into providing, in my opinion, the greatest gameplay and graphics ever. The frostbit 2.0 technology is the most amazing game engine, something similar to the crytech engine of the upcoming Crysis 3.

Happy Playing :)