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Dota 2 is a popular and widely-played MOBA game. MOBA is the abbreviation for Multiplayer-Online-Battle-Arena. The game originated from a tiny mod played in Warcraft 3 called Defense Of The Ancients(DOTA).

The game pits two teams of five playing against each other as two faction called the Radiant and the Dire. Each player assumes the role of a hero that has 4 skills or unique powers, the 4th being the strongest called an 'Ultimate'. This is a very important asset to your team once the game progresses. A single game can extend to an hour or can even end in 30 minutes! A typical game would last roughly 50 minutes provided that the players are all equally acquainted with the game. So what im saying is that, the longevity of a session is indefinite.

The game is still in it's beta stage. It has'nt been released yet. With small chunks of updates flying in, the game improves with every week that passes. What I mean by improvement are fixes for rare bugs be it regarding the Menu or in-game interface or the gameplay. But nowadays, the game is played like it never was a beta. Tournaments are held almost every month. The most important being the 'The International'. Its like Olympics for dota! but held every year. And believe me, the cash prize is a million dollars! I repeat, a Million dollars! Pretty rad for a beta ain't it?



The two teams are spawned at opposite diagonal ends of the map(square map). This spawn point is your base. And at the centre of the base is an Ancient. Your objective, or rather your team's mission is to destroy the Ancient of the opposing team. Sounds pretty simple right? But its not that easy. Players have to push through three separate lanes to encroach upon the base. To do that, you have to fight your way through recurring waves of npc(s). Each base is guarded by powerful towers along the way and within the base.

The secondary objective of the game is to collect gold. Gold is your currency here. You buy various items ranging from healing potions to powerful weapons to buff up your hero. You lose gold when you die and you earn gold when you kill someone. So more the gold you have, more items you can buy.

There are typically 3 kinds of roles you can play in your team.

  • Carry     -    Very dependant on his allies. But becomes extremely powerful as the game progresses.
  • Tank      -     Acts as the meat bag for the team. He takes the hits that the enemy team throws. Very          tanky and very durable.
  • Support -    Acts as the baby-sitter for the carry and is similar to a mage in other games. Very spell-dependant.

There are heros that suit newbies, and there are heros that are very challenging to play with. Whether you are dexterous or a passive killer, theres a hero that suits every kind of player. 

Dying in the game is a pain. You not only lose gold, but you also lose experience (XP). Something equally precious to gold. The more XP you earn, the more powerful your skills or powers become. So dont die!! That is the dota motive!

That said, it only gets more complex once you get into actual gameplay. This game will punish you for every slip-up that you or your teammates make. Memorising your enemy's tactics and patterns assist you to predict their next move and analyse how your plan of attack is to be executed.


Dota 2 is a highly skill-demanding game. I say this with no prejudice towards other MOBAS, but Dota 2 is a hard and immensely competitive game. Team-coordination and communication is critical. A lot of people who start playing will give up in frustration. If you're willing to stick with the game, you will eventually realise how to be useful to the team. You will, by no doubt, enjoy the mechanics in this game.

To get better at the game, you can even spectate other player's matches. Their mouse movements, their laning technique, etc. This way, you get a better view of how experienced players play the game.

As far as GRAPHICS is concerned, Dota 2 certainly is pretty to look at! But if you really care only about graphics, then please dont play this game. This game deserves far more than just being called pretty.



Pretty graphics!