Thats probably him, the Dragonborn.

This is my first review, so please go easy on me.

This is for all the Skyrim lovers out there. Skyrim was awesome, since it was my first Elder Scrolls it totally blew me off my feet. And then came Dawnguard. Sometimes, I believe I liked Dawnguard quest a little more than Skyrim, then again, they are different. But for PC users, Hearthfire wasn't really worth it. But Dragonborn is the next big thing.

Since I never played Morrowind, I don't know much. But this DLC takes you to several places of Morrowind. From what I've known, it takes you to the island of Solstheim in search of the ruler of the island, and the first dragonborn. That is all I know about the main quest, but other than that, there has to be new quest, NPCs, cities, new everything. A view of Raven Rock in the 4th Era. Did I mention the First Dragonborn in the bad guy?

It also takes you to a plane of Oblivion called Apocrypha (Hermaeus Mora).

Plus new armour, shouts, weapons and enemies. If you didn't see the trailer, you have to see it right now (www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRmdXDH9b1s). According to the trailer, you should be able to ride dragons, something I thought would be available from the moment I defeated Odahviing.

It get's released for XBox on the 5th December, so hopefully on the 5th January for PC.