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Everything lists every file and folder

Well the name Everything probably will not suggest you anything about this awesome software, personally I feel it is the best tool for searching files,folders and directories on your Windows PC.

But first, why do we require an alternative to Windows inbuilt Search?

Because it is very slow and requires indexing service to be running in the background for updating database, which uses resources. 

Once you click on Everything it scans for a few seconds(may be minute if some resource hogging app is running) and you get the search bar.......That's it...you type any name, within a second you get the result

You can search by filename or filetype like .rar, .pptx, .bmp, .avi, etc

It updates in realtime. So suppose you searched for 'dungeon', you got some 3 files and you renamed some file as 'dungeon' then you will get 4 search results instantly. You can directly access those files from Everything, right click for the common Windows actions.

So all pros no cons?

It would have been nice, if it were to be integrated with Windows Explorer so that you can search on the go rather than clicking on Everything, waiting and then typing.......But again, most of us don't search for files everyday unless you have too many partitions, you do too many downloads or may be scattered you secret files all over you hard disk; even in that case, you have the option of running Everything in background so that you don't have to wait and search instantly

If have have a fast PC may be you don't need this...........but you can give it a try after all it is free, small and simple installation.

Moreover installing Everything will help you find Anything and you lose Nothing.