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Prologue & Origin

The story of Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is set upon the events which began in 1991 as the government of Somalia collapsed due to the massive civil war. The massacre began as a majority of the men took up arms in their hands, which flourished devastation and civil war, Causing starvation throughout the country. Private relief organizations rushed with food and other supplies to the hungry Somali people. By this time the country was under the control of rival clans led by warlords. They demanded payments from the relief organizations and required that their clan distribute all food supplies. However, instead of distributing the food, the warlords kept it for themselves and used it to feed their supporters rather than the general population. In response to the disturbing situation and suffering of the Somali people, the United Nations Security Council established UNOSOM I in 1992. The soul purpose of the mission was to end hostilities so that humanitarian aid could be provided to the population. By December of 1992 the lawlessness in the country, especially in the capital city of Mogadishu, reached a whole new level which made the distribution of the supplies to the people more difficult, hence Operation Restore Hope was initiated. The UN operation threatened the power of the clans, specially the Somali National Alliance (SNA), the largest and most powerful militia led by Mohammed Farah Aidid. The war resulted in 18 dead and 84 wounded Americans and Somali casualties around 500 dead and thousands wounded.




The game was developed by Novalogic and was released on March 2003, and is considered to be one of the best games in the Delta Force game series.

The game portraits the event that occurred in 1993 and takes the players right into the middle of the conflict and provides a realistic experience to gamers.



  • The graphics detailing was good for its time (2003), There are some splendid graphical effects which comforts players eyes, for instance, the water swirling and frothing as the chopper comes down, Bullets strike and spark off the metal wall, and firing at vehicles make them explode with convincing cinematic reaction, sending flaming tires and debris skywards, as the players board on a Black Hawk picking off rooftop enemies with a side-mounted minigun, the experience is remarkably exciting. On the other hand the character modeling of the game is very much disappointing, the Somali soldiers has the stock of about four different models which pauses the intensity of battles during the game play.


  • The AI of the game is not in a very high level but its enough to make the game enjoyable for the players. The enemies will mostly attempt to duck out of the way or find cover, and will approach to the player with large numbers. The worst thing about the game is that, player’s teammates AI is very poor so the players will have to rely on his own expertise to survive in the game.


  • The game missions are portrayed efficiently, from chopper to rooftop assaults and night-time stealth missions, to air and ground-based vehicular attacks like riding in Humvees loaded with .50 cal and Black Hawks loaded with Miniguns. The environment created in the game relentlessly lends the action in an enjoyable manner for the player,


  • Players can select weapons of their choice from a list, before a mission starts. The enlisted weapons consist of many modern warfare type weapons originally used by the Delta Force. Players can not take enemies weapons, instead they can collect ammo from weapons cache and players are also able to heal them self by collecting medic packs.


  • One of the best things in this game is the vocal narrations, which is narrated by the character of the player or by  his teammates and commanding personals, at various times and places in the game  adds a realistic flavor into the game. The background music numbers are also nice to hear and suits different environmental acts of the game, most of the time the music will change in accordance with different situations.


  • The multiplayer option is available and it can be played via LAN or it can be played in Novaworld. There are various types of gameplay in multiplayer like Team Death match, Team King of the Hill, Search and Destroy, Capture the Flag and many more.





The game is simple yet it’s based on a serious matter, for which most of the players will find this game enjoyable, even with its lack in graphics detailing and a few short comings the game is not a pushover, and its has what it takes to provide sheer joy to the players.  


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