So the title of the game suggests to me that Activision have been working with the Pentagon and the MOD to create something a bit more like a technical portfolio or recruitment campaign. But this isn’t really the case.

If this is modern warfare at its best, I’m appalled. Towards the start of the game it’s fairly gentle on you, what with you being a newcomer to the squad and all. So the AI carefully lead you through the missions and bring you up to their positions once it’s safe. But as the game progress the AI seem to lose interest in the warfare aspect of the game and just make an idle effort to keep up with you, occasionally killing a dog.
This meant that there was no chance of using old fashioned tactics like flanking an enemy, let alone anything more modern… The end of the game became a classic FPS one man army situation, with the occasional enemy slipping past you and the rest of your team would sometimes save you. Sometimes. At other times, you just get shot in the back, because Captain Price has found a particularly interesting piece of wallpaper. Also, I’m fairly certain modern soldiers cannot fend of 50 attackers no matter how good a sniper they are, especially having just been shot in the leg. The ferris wheel mission should have found you dead, way before your rescue chopper decided not to even bother landing risking itself to save you. Whereas playing as the marine you shouldn’t have died… in a bloody plane crash… all your hard effort fighting on the streets to get shot down in a plane. Poor show. And then they let you limp around for a few minutes hoping you might survive!

Despite all its flaws, if you cast the silly title aside, it can be fun game. The plane-tank level is insanely good fun, albeit a little over the top (I really hope people don’t chuckle to themselves after levelling buildings and blowing people apart). The weapons all work well and none of them seem to annoy me, there was a good spread of ammo and even on hard there seemed to be plenty of chance to change weapons and tactics mid attack, and there always seemed to be a variety of ways in which you could do it yourself. So in summary, it’s a pretty good FPS… and some people say the game length is too short… well I say grow up and play it on hard, then it’s not. But I am hoping it’s a poor showcase of Modern Warfare as I doubt the SAS would be this dumb.

If it was called “Call of Duty 4: Super soldier leads Special Forces to victory” I’d have given it a higher mark, because it would have done exactly what it said on the tin. Instead it’s quite simply a very entertaining great big lie.