This is a review for Most Wanted ,the old one. I know its old but I played it for the first time now. At the start of the game I was really impressed by the story unlike other racing games where you just win circuits and unlock stuff. The system requirements of the game are great too so that everyone can enjoy the game. The idea of defeating the blacklist members after earning enough street rep to get to the top and defeat our enemy felt very unique to me.

The gameplay is really great with various racing modes like Sprint,Circuit,Tollbooth,Speedtrap,Knockout and Drag race. The milestones are pretty fun to achieve and collecting bounty is crazy fun. The graphics are good but not amazing since I have played a lot of recent titles but I'm sure the graphics were considered awesome when it was just released.The cop chases are fun in the beginning but it seems a bit tedious and repetitive towards the end .By the end I found avoiding cops until a milestone was to be reached. The game lasted a fair amount of time -neither too long nor too short.

I wouldn't mind playing it again just for fun especially since I still have the challenge series to complete. I seriously doubt Most Wanted 2012 can live up to my expectations specially since i've heard that it has no story. But I guess I'll give it a try as I've also heard that it is like a sequel to Burnout:Paradise which I loved.

PS, I just played it for a few hours before realizing that I just wanted to take screenshots.