Hitman Absolution
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    Hello everyone.Today i am going to review Hitman Absolution.My friend squee did one already and it was a very interesting review but today i decided to do one aswell.I would like to clarify that I do not intend to copy Squee or anyone who has already made a review.Any similarities are coincidental.

    So lets get started.I have heard that Hitman Absolution is not well optimized.When I first heard it i was quite sad and upset.I think that developers must not neglect pc,afterall Hitman started on pc.However I get 30+ fps on medium settings and my rig is a bit outdated.Unfortunately i could not test it in a more powerful and new rig so I cannot be sure about it.Now lets talk about the gameplay.What made hitman games special is that you could kill you target in many ways,that meant  that you could play it 100 times and still you wouldnt be bored.I am happy to report that Absolution is no exception,you can still be a silent assassin that makes his hits look like an accident or you can be the other kind of hitman that kills everything in his way.Now what I dont like is the scoring system.In my opinion the scoring system should have only excisted on Contracts mode.Another thing i dont like in this hitman is the disguises.I think that they shouldnt have changed anything about the disguises they were just fine.If you still havent played the game thats why I dont like them.If you wear a police uniform other policemen will recognise you and the only thing you can do is trick them by using instinct mode.Now this might work on easy and normal mode where your instinct is regenerating but on hardest difficulties it realy doesnt.Finaly some levels are small.Like the level called Birdie's gift,also you dont get to choose your guns before missions.Since agent 47 went rogue ICA no longer provides him with weaponry.That means that in many levels you dont even get the silverballers.

    Now i would like to talk about the things that i do like about hitman.I think that hitman is a high quality game.You get the sense that the team that developed hitman worked hard.The levels are designed perfectly and the voice acting is great.Another thing that is worth mentioning is the graphics.The game looks gorgeous.Also i quite liked the story.I now it was not a great story like some other games but still unlike the previous hitman games it has a story.Now I havent finished Hitman yet im on the 10th level but i didnt experience any major bugs or sudden crashes.Surely like any game it has some glitches.Overall Hitman is a great game despite some little faults.In my point of view Hitman is one of the best games of 2012 and  I hope that there is going to be a new one soon.I hope you are linient with me, this is my first review so I am a bit nervous.I hope you found this review informative and interesting.


I will wait till the shows finishes then i will kill him