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Formation of troops


Age of Empires III, a real-time strategy game developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft Games, was released for pc on 2005. It’s a sequel to Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings and it is based on the European colonization of the Americas. Two expansion packs have been released, The WarChiefs, which introduced three Native American civilizations, and The Asian Dynasties, which included three Asian civilizations.


The gameplay is mostly the same as its predecessors, simple yet interesting in some points or rather intensively challenging which is somewhat depending on different levels of gameplay, it is up to you to choose your strategy which will result the actual outcome of the game, you can play it the hard way or the easy way using different tactics.  


You will have to explore the map and begin gathering resources, build additional units and buildings, research upgrades, train military or civil units, kill enemy units, and demolish enemy towns etc, the same old flavor but still exciting and addictive.


The game carries the same tradition of its predecessors, like advancing through "Ages", for unlocking new upgrades, buildings and units. At the very beginning you will have to start with the Discovery Age, then the Colonial Age, then the Fortress Age, and finally the Industrial Age. Each of the different Age offers new upgrades and units depending on different civilization.


This game received some good adaptations like the Home City concept. When your troops kill or destroy, or your peons gather or construct, the activity generates experience points for your home city from where you can order shipments of new units, resources, and valuable upgrades. Oddly enough they are always delivered in no time at all, even when you are thousands of miles away from your Home City, which is frankly unrealistic, I wish if my pizza delivery was fast like this. Through out the game your city levels-up and you will be able to choose new shipment types which are arranged in tech-tree fashion. So the more you play, the more you will be able to unlock.


Resource types are down to three with ‘Stone’ out of the count only remaining resources are Food, Wood and Gold as usual, and peons no longer have to go to the drop-off buildings with their resources, which is actually a fresh adaptation for the game.


The graphics has been improved a lot in this game comparing to its predecessors, although it has some imperfections and glitches, it’s still a top-notch game.The game is playable online, even though it’s old and has a few short-comings, its still a popular game among the pc gamers, especially for the RPG and RTS lovers.



The game is packed with the old traditional Strategy gaming theme with a few hiking unconventional adaptations which offers different taste of gameplay. You can decide how you want to play the game with multiple choices which leads to victory. It is a long running series of games which offers nothing but joy to the players, it is a classic game which is why it fits into the spirit of gaming and it is indeed a must have game for every one.