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Mech incoming

For those who think there aren't enough Mech games out there, Hawken will arrive to satisfy mech lovers. Hawken is an upcoming free to play first person shooter based on Mech combat. Now, I hadn't the chance to play the Beta, but it seems to be getting positive feedback from those who could play it.

Hawken will be set in a human-colonized society crumbling due to the obsessive hunt for supplies and resources that is leading the human community to the inevitable disaster. Players will be able to take the role of a skilled pilot with expertise on the Mech field.Diferring to the way FPS are accustomed to work, ammunition is not depleted, instead the arms and weapons are liable to overheat, leaving the Mech without any offensive mechanics and forcing the player to seek for a safe spot where rest back and wait to get in guns blazing again.

Mechs will be customizable, and come packed in three types: Light, Heavy and All-around, with a varied option of arsenal at the disposal of players to fit better each of his/her playstyle. There will also be deployable turrets to aid the player in the intense shooting and destruction of oponents.

Due to the nature of the robotic structure, the movement of the Mech is limited. A fuel mechanic is featured, allowing players to perform maneuvers such as side or forward dashes, momentary boost in speed and complete turns around; of course these kind of executions will consume a certain ammount of fuel and are to be used wisely in the combat to stay sharp and survive through the mech madness.

The game will offer four different modes of blasting through the enemy's metal: Siege, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and an as of now unkwnown fourth game mode, yet to be revealed. It will also count with around eight unique and different maps.

Is this upcoming multiplayer Mech-based shooter looking good? It sounds like a blast to play with friends, and a great experience of immersive mech gameplay to feel in control of this mechanical beasts.

Customizing the beast