Silent Dawn
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Silent Dawn was originally rewrote in 200, but has been modified since then - "Silent Dawn is a game that was released a few years back in 2007. I managed to pick up my old source and began working on it again." - Quote from official home page of Silent Dawn -

So, I was browsing YouTube when I came across DrunkenLizardGames, creator of No Heroes, another game that I added aside from this one. I got so into looking at indie games made in unity I looked around some more for some other fantastic games, then I came across one which made amazing tutorials for unity. I decided to have a look and found that they collabed with Heretic Game Studios. I then proceeded to look on their website,, and looked at their projects, they only have 3, 1 looked like the kind of game I wouldn't play, 1 was the video I found from YouTube, and the last one was Silent Dawn. 


I downloaded the game and tried it out, got to wave 27 then went for my tea, not realising I didn't press pause, and died (in game OC). But that was ok, I could try again.


When you start the game, the resolution is shrunk, but you can put it into windowed mode by going into options and windowed mode. When you start the campaign, you are only equipped with a weak handgun, and few zombies attacking your house. After each wave you get money depending on the amount of zombies killed in that day. With the money you can buy guns such as a DEagle, ak-47, aug any a few others. You can buy nightvision, and activate it by pressing "M", grenades and mines are also available, and my personal favourite, a survivor, an AI that has a random weapon of choice that will help you protect the house.


Since the game is in low resolution and top-down, almost any computer can run it, I have emailed the developer(s) and am waiting on a reply for the system requirements.


I highly suggest this game as a 30minute waster, it's fun, and portable, just put it onto a USB and you'll be good to play it anywhere, and with such little disk space, you won't need a big USB to hold it.



I would rate this a 10/10 for it's simplicity and how much fun it is! I hope you guys enjoy it aswell! :)

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