Assassins Creed 3
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Planning Strategies

  Will the world end ?! Nah! I don't think so and i don't want it to end since there are lots and lots of good games releasing in 2013. So lets live till then at least to play them. But here in Assassin's Creed the World is about end and its up to Desmond Miles and his little group who are in a race against time to stop the Apocalypse!

To stop the World from ending Desmond has to find an amulet to open a door to a secret Temple. And ofcourse the Templars will not be silent till you find it. So once again he is back in the Animus and this time its free roaming along the side of the American Coast. I will not go deep into the story part so that i don't spoil things for you. So this time you will play as an Assassin named Connor who will fight against the templars and also take part in the American Revolution. 

America here I come!

   The game will take part in the major cities of America like Boston, New York and of course in the wild. So there is lots and lots of places to see and to play. The gameplay is Absolutely brilliant! You will enjoy every bit of it. As the American Colonies are about revolt, you have sworn to secure liberty and freedom to the people. So you will be hunting both the British and the Templars or whoever comes in your way. The game is not just about Assassination. I mean there lots of other kinds of missions rather than just assassinating people like in AC1. Even if you have finished with the story, there are so many side missions to keep you entertained. Since you will be raised in the wild, you can hunt animals of all kinds with your bow and arrow or other weapon until you get satisfied and sell the meat. The game has been made as realistic as possible. You can also play games within the game to entertain yourself. You can even pet animals while in Boston or New York. And even when you are running to the top of the mountain you sprint speed will decrease which is cool. In the the wild the environment is your Ally, so be sure to get it to your advantage. Its all about you and your assassination skills whether you take your Enemy head on or attack him from the top of the tree. The game also lets you play one of the wonderful moments in the History Of America. You can also recruit assassin's To help you with your Revolutionary Cause.

Bring Em' On!

   The most awesome part in the game is the Combat. It is so improved from the previous versions of AC. You can just kill and kill until you get satisfied. The primary weapon of Connor is Tomahawk. You can see him carrying it in many screenshots. You will also have a Rope Dart which adds quite a unique experience during the combat. You can even buy a sword if you are uncomfortable with he Tomahawk. The guns add an awesome experience to the combat. Even though it is not a first person or third person shooting game, the guns are very useful. You should even reload the guns after every shot fired. There are Pistols or long range weapons. And the Last but Not the least The hidden assassin Blade which is required to do silent assassinations. The Revolutionary Wars will make you feel that you are in the Battlefield itself. Even if you are a silent hunter the cover is plenty in which you can hide.

The other thing that makes the Combat so Awesome is the Naval Warfare. Even though i am not a good sailor the Naval warfare takes you to a whole new level of Combat. They are just so Realistic that i sometimes feel i am in a Ship fighting the Revolution. You Will be the captain of the ship and the Sea is your Battlefield. 

How Beautiful?!

 If its one thing that you will enjoy through out the game is the Beautiful graphics of the game.The forest, the Hills, The Ocean, Everything is so beautiful. It is also made as realistic as possible. The weather changes during the Game are absolutely Brilliant. The textures are also Great. I have never seen such an amazing Weather change effect in any game. In winter season there will be a lot of Snow on the ground in the forest. Running in Snow will slow your movement. And in Spring The game will be bright and Beautiful. When there is a storm the sky looks Amazing with all the thunderstorms. The ocean is also Amazing with sparkling water all around. The sound effects is also good.

Survival of the Strongest!

 You can always count on your Friends to entertain you and test your skills. The multiplayer is awesome with new features, New characters and vast map. You can also play co-op with your friends. Its up to you to test your Assassination skills among the others Assassins From all over the world and become the cunning, stealthiest and Most successful Assassin. 


This is the Best AC game i have ever played so far. Everything is so perfect in the game. The beautiful Graphics, The Amazing Story and The Awesome Combat makes you feel yourself in The American Revolution. The only drop back is the optimization of the game. Its not so well optimized. But it is no big deal compared to the Pros. Until some patches are released there will be some glitches in the game. But Look at the Plus Side Its Assassin's Creed! So Play the game and find out if the World Really ends or not. I'll Bet that you will surely enjoy the game. It is surely worth the money you pay. So What are You waiting for Go and Get the game!

Beautiful Graphics!