Halo Wars
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At least they had great Cutscenes.

Bungie has made such great Halo games when they were still producing Halo games. But even the best would once in a while make a mistake.

It was a niggling question for a while. We all know the Halo Series, and we all know the World of Warcraft Series as well. So Bungie must be saying "Hey, why not merge Halo and WOW?". And then the guys were like "YEAH! LET'S DO IT!". And so Halo Wars was born.

Now there are certain things you DON'T merge together: Cheddar Cheese and thick milk; oil and water; chlorine and ammonia! So, why in the heck would they mix Halo with World of Warcraft?

Since this is a review, we have to be fair to it. To be honest, I didn't play too much of it and I know WOW fans are going to have a flame war over this. Of the amount I have played, I did get a few wow (not WoW) moments, but it didn't really give me anything to really smile about. Halo has traditionally been FPS turf, and by going to RTS, it kinda disappointed me.

So, let's get on with it...

The Good.

  1. Something New: It was a new direction and frontier that Bungie wanted to go to. This meant that RTS players would not be left out of the Halo Franchise, being a game for everyone. You can use the spartans for tactical warfare instead of the usual "Run-and-Gun" approach.
  2. You may Learn something: For those accustomed to FPS versions, this Halo would provide a chance to learn the way of the RTS players. Players can learn about RTS and WOW players can learn a little about Halo. It was indeed the intention of Bungie.
  3. Cutscenes: This game had some sweet cutscenes as you go around the levels. I was highly impressed about it and it explained some of the Halo series. Our guess is that this game was set just before Halo REACH.

And then...the Bad.

  1. Halo RTS? Really Bungie?: Halo has been traditionally on the FPS Front ever since Halo 1. So, when Bungie decided to make it Real Time Strategy game, many Halo players were like "What the hell?". I can't understand why Bungie would think that people who love the series as a First Person Shooter would really want to run to a WOW Clone?
  2. STEEP Learning Curve: For those who already play RTS', this is no problem. For the hardcore FPS players, this may be a problem. Understanding this version of halo would be a bit of a hassle for other people.
  3. Boring...really Boring: I generally find RTS's and MMMMOERUD...MMODSUDB...whatever the hell they call those things, very boring. On PC's all you do is click in a spot and your army runs there. Click into a crowd and they automatically start fighting...slowly. Same thing with this game. Watching glue dry with Little Jacob is more exciting.
  4. No real Skill: There is no real skill in this. It is about strategy, and we do understand this, so strategic skill is necessary. Trying to understand where is the real skill in this game is...well...
  5. A Marine Kills the Arbiter: So, you manage to go through all the stages. You finally take out the Covanent and keep them away from the artifact and what happens? The Arbiter...the will of the Prophets was felled not by a Spartan, but a regular Marine! Mind you, Forge was a Force to be reckoned with, but what the hell was the point of all of that then?

Halo Wars was the only Halo game that I would not play again. Not even if you buy it for me, I would probably sell it in a day or less. For those who like the idea, you may wind what you want, but to me, I like my Runnin' and Gunnin'!

Halo RTS...the Horror!