Great Potential, but came out at the wrong time.

Written by Reptilian007 on Wed, Dec 12, 2012 4:56 PM
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It is quite awkward when a game is set too close to the actual time it was produced. So, when you create a game and set the event time to just 4 years in the future, some may be wondering if the event actually happened. The game was set for December 24th, 2005 and released in March 2001.

And thus comes Extermination, one of the first survival horror games for the PlayStation 2 produced by Deep Space (it is unsure if this would be found in the PlayStation Network, but the possibility is high). After playing this game for a while, I knew that it had high potential. A fresh rehash of this game with new abilities (as well as some trophies) would be welcomed here.

Good News

  1. STORY: The story was the standard type: Army or Marine Officials go to investigate some site which is infested with some kind of monsters, and out of the many that went, only a few survive. They are in a place in Antarctica called the "Fort Stuwart Facility", where experiments on a virus called the H213 Virus was being experimented on. An outbreak occurs, engulfing many to infection and mutation. Anything alive was infected, which included Cockroaches, Dogs, and Humans as well as other animals that were probably there. Your mission (originally) was to respond to a distress call from the scientists, as such retrieve survivors and neutralize the threat. However, things get sour even before getting to the facility as one of the engines fail and the plane crash lands and you had to now find your team mates and survive! As generic as it sounded, it was easily interesting, but you can see where they tried to copy from the success of Resident Evil Series (we are not very sure if they copied anything from Halo, as the Flood has similar behavior as the H213 virus. However, both games came out in 2001, with Extermination coming out in March and Halo coming out in November). Aside, it wasn't a bad story and once you get into it, you can have some fun with it.
  2. ENVIRONMENT: The environment made sense. Instead of having an entire city and have no way to get into buildings, it's best to have a facility that you can explore. To run through the facility filled with monsters is chilling enough, worse when you know that you are isolated from civilization. Knowing that the facility is the only space you have, and knowing that you have to get different keys for different doors was actually fun. 
  3. GAMEPLAY: The gameplay was rather straightforward, and with the advent of auto-aim all I have to do is shoot. This makes things a bit easier to work with. You also have a health and infection meter, where the more you are hit with the virus, the more your succeptability of it. With enough of the virus in your system, you will become "infected", where your life would be reduced as well. Basic and harmless items such as water would become dangerous. Not only that, but your life is reduced for every time you walk, so eventually, if you do not find a MTS Vaccine Kiosk soon (with an MTS Vaccine) you will not survive.
  4. POWERUPS: Powerups are relatively rare (depending on the powerup), but useful. The weapon you have (Special Purpose Rifle 4 or SPR4) is a special rifle that have spaces for different peripherals, such as a Shotgun, a Flamethrower, a (mini) Rocket Launcher, Radar Scope, Light Scope, and others. They are handy, but rare and limited, so you have to be careful as to how much you can or would use. The SPR4 itself can replenish it's ammo at the medical kiosk, but no other weapons can. Other powerups are medical, such as the MTS Vaccine, and  MTS Bed. The MTS bed (found at the medical Kiosk) can heal all infections below 100% as well as replenishing health, but once you are 100% infected, you need the MTS vaccine to be used with the bed. 

Bad News

  1. TIMING: One thing about this game to made it suffer was that not many people knew about it. It was a rare game to obtain, and as such very few people played it. Since there was no PC version of the game, it made matters worse. Also, this was a game that was made very early in the PlayStation 2 lifetime, and there was no PlayStation 1 counterpart like the Resident Evil series. It was supposed to be the game to show off the PlayStation 2's new "Emotions Engine", so it wasn't really supposed to be marketed as a mainstream series. So, we guess it came out at the wrong time.
  2. TO WEAK TO COMPETE: CAPCOM already had the survival horror in the bag with the Resident Evil Series, and many other producers had sweet games. So, to try to play this one with the expectation of others was just pushing it. They just couldn't compete with the big boys.

This is really a fun game to play. But, if it has to be redone, they would have a lot of work to do if they want to topple the big boys. Of course, many people may even say that Extermination was ripping off Halo, but that is jut because they didn't know the history. If you happen to get a copy of this game, you should play it for a while and appreciate the work Deep Space put in it.



  • Good Gameplay
  • Environment made sense
  • True Survival Horror


  • Came out too early?
  • Could not compete



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17:11 Dec-12-2012

Great Review.
And yea it would be Cool if they gave it a revamp and introduced it for PC too!

19:30 Dec-12-2012

That would be great if they revamped it and put a PC port. I totally agree!