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Introduction: Lucuis is an adventure game released at october 26 of 2012 published by lace mamba global and made by Shiver Games You takeof lucius who is the son of the devil (apparently) wich is out on a quest for blood only because the devil told him to!

Gameplay and plot:The game starts from the birthday party of lucius.and then suddenly you find your self in the kitchen and theirs your house keeper.the next thing that happens is that some guy that is suposed to be the devil appears and closes the kitchen door.the maid goes in the meat locker for god knows why and lucius closes the door and puts a padlock on the door.then you see a slow motion death of the maid knocking on the door(i have no idea why they used slow motion there).at the beginning you say well that was easy.and then the main game begins.leaving you in a huge mansion with only a diary book and a map hand drawn by a nine year old.You may be able to figure out the first couple of objectives but after the third Chapter you dont even get a marker on your map and your just suposed to know what you should do.So basically orientaion is a really weak part of the game.the whole story involves you killing people not knowing why, you should just kill them.which bring me to the often wonder why should a person who can control peoples minds and have an ability to move objects with his mind go through all that trouble to kill someone when he can just make them commit suicide or just stab them with a knife from far use of abillities is a major problem.Also trying to go through a door with lucius is harder than parking a semi truck.The AI is weak and every character has only one line in every chapter.

Graphics and design:the graphics are really poor and screen tearing is very visible even with 8AA and Vsync and 1280x1024 will often find your self in the floor or in the wall or in just about every where, so dont be shocked if you see half of lucius in the floor shaking like a man in the north pole.most of the time the games runs heavier than crysis 1 and is really badly optimized and considiring the level of graphics you wonder why it runs on such a low FPS.apparently lucius only has one set of clothes because you never see that his outfit has changed during the game which is strange considiring the game covers months of his life and that they are an extremley rich family.

there really isnt any positive thing to say only the very (and i mean very) occasional violont kills.and most of the  times even the kills dont make sense, i mean if you cut a head in half with meat saw (its like a round chain saw that is used to chop animal meat) its obviosly not going to be cut in half, i mean its not a water melon and if you look closely in the head you will see it is totally empty and then you say "man what an air animation is another issue.

Verdict:Various bugs and glitches really suck the life out of the game and makes it almost unplayable at times. that combined with the bad optimization and bad graphics and boring gameplay really kills a game that had a lot of potentioal and could have been a great game.

By Hoseinz