Assassins Creed 3
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When it is about 5 years before the first title released this mega popular game we all hunch that this is something new. Since then much has changed, but when someone mentions the character hood immediately the first thing we think of is Assassins Creed. So far we have dealt with a guy who would jump from building to building, which was good but then the author got tired of it and tried something new which is of course at first left audiences shocked but in the end it turned out that the idea just fine. And so was the latest assassins creed 3 of this title.

The game starts of course as always where the previous part left off with the action which is ok because there is no beginning to annoying questions like: what? How? Etc. The action takes place on one side in America, far from the old protagonists Ezio and Altair in the time before, during, and after the revolution. As always, you will play as Desmond Milles in the present and in the past as a new protagonist Connor Kenway half American, half English. So far we have dealt with a nagging Templar who do not know their place, but now we have much more important goal, to stop the 2012 apocalypse, which, as we learn from the previous part already happened the other (previous) civilization. To conclude in the new we can expect a handful of new missions and attacks that excites us from the first part. Finally, do not be worried and pushed away from buying this game by an occasional bug because this game will long be remembered.