ok when starting the game it throws you head first into the action. the mob is about to kill you... after you escape you choose a car. then you get thrown into a seemingly exiting race from san fransisco to new york, only to find out this is basically a road trip with the mob and the police. the driving is extremely repititve however is set apart with the interactive cut scenes which i really enjoyed. this game is let down massively by having no money(personally this is my motivation in games) and no customzation. the lack of customization in need for speed lately is starting to annoy me quite frankly. i know need for speed for its cusomization like underground 1. the best part of the game would have to be the graphics even on low it looks stunning! this game gives you a true feel of speed by how heavy every car feels. this is not really my kind of a game some people may enjoy it but definatley not for me... i give this game a 5 as overall what a let down "the run"? more like the drive..