Assassins Creed 3
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Even though I hadn't played any AC game before I was eagerly waiting for this game's release and when it was, I went mad waiting for it to be delivered. But the wait was definitely worth it and in spite of back to back exams I somehow managed to complete the story.

The very first thing you notice when you start the game is the graphics. The graphics felt really great even at Normal settings and I never even bothered to increase Environment quality and other things. Maybe that's the reason I didn't notice any lags.

2. Game play:
Controls felt weird to me in the beginning but then I got used to it. The combat never felt repetitive due to the many possibilities. You could use tomahawk with hidden blade, break the enemy's defense with sword and then shoot him, drive the enemy's weapon through the nearby soldier and much more.

The story follows Connor, a half English half native assassin who sets out to free his land from the British rule and take revenge for his mother's death. He works his up to the top by assassinating the Templars one by one until he has to defeat their leader, his own father, Haytham andthen Charles Lee. The story of Haytham and Connor felt a little short but it was clear that the motive of Connor's story was to help in the fruition of patriot's struggle and keep the key safe from evil hands for many years until Desmond needed it to save the future. The ending was not as great as expected and the end of Desmond's story made me wanting more. Connor's story too had a not so great ending. I expected a great battle or something for the finale but all I got was a chase.

Assassins Creed brings whole new meaning to non-linear game play. After completing the campaign my progress was far from 50% which tells us about the number of side missions that Ubisoft has included. Collecting Peg Leg Trinkets, finding treasure chests, chasing Almanac pages, busting frontier men's myths of the headless horseman, Sasquatch, haunted lighthouse; infiltrating forts by igniting their powder reserve, killing their leader and then capturing the fort by changing the flag; helping people in your homestead and trading their produce, stopping enemy convoys and looting them...I could go on more but I think you got the idea. The vast map appeals to my curious and adventurous nature although the number of bugs and glitches have greatly hindered that.

Some people say that Connor wasn't as stealthy as an assassin should be, but they should understand that with time assassins can't be as stealthy. Take Desmond for example, he knows that taking the lift won't make a difference as there are cameras and guards everywhere.All in all I really enjoyed the game despite the lacking story and numerous bugs and glitches and it has inspired me to play Assassins Creed II and then Assassins Creed 1 and find out the story (in reverse).

Infiltrating forts is awesome!!