Little Inferno
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Little Inferno... 
And my second review...
Either way let's get started.

Little Inferno is not much of a game, it's like Pocket God on the Iphone/Ipod/Ipad/Ipwn/Ismack (5 points if you get the reference), a pass time application, tho it's really short.
Your main goal is to well, burn things, earn money, buy more things, and burn them again, simple.

If you're as crazy as me, you will enjoy this game, and laugh like the devil when you make a huge fire. (Or is that just me?)

In the beggining of the game you get pretty straight foward instructions in a message from a fat lady, explaining and stuff. It also explains why kids are playing with their Little Inferno chimneys:

Apparently it has been snowing non-stop in that little town/city/whatever, so ofcourse only way to stay warm is to burn all your things (Says so in the preview video, and a video that the fat lady sends you later on)
(Also you can burn the messages too, some, you'll find out)

You got 3 main characters besides yourself (well for a short game I'm calling them main
The Fay Lady
The weather man
And Sugar Plums I think she was called, well as she calls herself, your neighbor.

On your chimney, you drag and put the items to burn them, you can take out as many as you like, but your (mail bar I call it) Can hold up to (x) items. You click and move the mouse to start a fire, simple.
When you get your first catalog (Like I said you buy your items) you can see al the things you can burn for now and how much they cost, you get money by burning things you buy or get and you usually end up with more money than you had before, for example:

A broken magnet costs 7 coins, when you burn it, it gives you like 9 coins. (PROFIT FTW)

There's also little bugs that crawl or fly in your fireplace, you can burn them and they end up giving you coins and a paper/ticket (I'll get to the ticket soon)

As you progress in the game the bugs end up giving you more and more money, for example: At the start burning a bug gives you about.....2 coins, but as you progress they can give you up to 30 coins.

Another nice thing that made me chuckle was: When you buy an item, you have to wait till it's shipped, the starter items takes 10 seconds, but more expensive items can take up to minuteS  (Yes the captial s was meant to be there) But with the little papers you collect can make the shipping be fast, you use them to make the delivery NOW, and not later. Corn takes 10 seconds to arrive, back in your mail bar you click on the box that has a timer it shows you how long it takes and how many tickets you need to pay for it to arrive isntantly, you pay 1 ticket for the corn, and you don't have to wait 10 seconds for it to arrive.

You get those little shipping tickets/papers by burning stuff, or bugs, and by finding COMBOS (combinations if you're new to this)

Here's how the combo system works, in the top right hand corner you get like a little strip, you click on it, and you can see all the combos you can pull off, to do a combo you have to burn 2-3- or 4 items at a time until you hear the cheers (If you haven't guessed yet, the cheers means you have done a combo
In the combo list, they only give you a name, and 2 or 3 question boxes, thos equestion boxes represent the items, and when you do find the combo they will appear, replacing those question marks.

For exaple, the combo: Cornflakes (2 items) You have to burn a corn and a box of flakes(cereal)

Doing combos give you more money than normal, and give you 2-5 shipping papers/tickets.

Now the story for this game is really WEIRD, short, and sad (sad as a feeling, not that it's bad
I'm not spoiling anything, or explain why I almost teared up but yeah.

The graphics are ok, its like Little big planet and World of goo had a baby and drank some inflamable liquor while having it, then after 9 months in the belly of world of goo,  Little Inferno was born. 

It's really small, any computer can play it and enjoy it, I played it on my sucky laptop which is like UGH, it's so slow it takes like 15 minutes to open steam, that, and my internet.

I gave it a 8.5 rating because, it's really short, that's it.

But bleh aside, I loved it :D
Vamp aproves (thumbs up)

Tho the price should drop a bit, I mean on steam this is $14.99 dollars ($4.99 because of the holidays
I would be paying the same thing as for Leftt 4 dead, even more, I think L4D is cheaper. But that's not the game's fault, so i won't drop the rating for that.

Leave your opinions here on what I should improve in my reviews, what should I add or take off,and well, I won't be doing a review for now, it's Christmas/New Year season, need to work, enjoy my vacations, and play some games that I have on my Ho-ho-ho list.
Either way, I'll make sure to post it on the appropiate date again but, Happy Holidays guys, have fun and be safe!

Also credit to whoever shot the screenshots (shot the screenshots, funny) I'm to lazy and my laptop is to weak to even do that. (OH GAMING PC HOW MUCH I MISS YOU)

And this is the gameplay :D