Far Cry 3
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The Infamous Vaas

   Imagine you are are in a beautiful island partying with your friends, brothers and skydiving and enjoying your nice holiday. What if suddenly pirates crash into your party and start taking you and your friends as prisoners for ransom. Well what will you do? Die there or escape from there? Well the second thing happens in the game. You will be the only one who escapes the Pirate's camp and then try to rescue your friends from the Cruel and awesome Pirate leader The Infamous Vaas.

         So FARCRY 3 is an exiting Open World Action Packed, First person Adventure game by Ubisoft. The game takes place in an island controlled by the Pirates. You will play as Jason who is in the way of becoming a Warrior to rescue his friends and his Brother. The Island is full of green vegetation and plenty of natural resources. The Open World gameplay is very exiting and fun. The Island is so big that as you go on exploring the island from Swimming to Hand Gliding your way through the massive vegetation it gives you a whole new experience and enjoyment. The green Vegetation is Beautiful as well as dangerous as it is inhabited by the Predators waiting to taste some blood whether its yours or your enemies. The Island is also inhabited by the local Tribes who also fear the Pirates and hate them. So you have to work with them if you have to succeed in your mission. There will be lots of shops in the Tribal areas, in which you can buy some weapons as well as sell things. In addition to that you will also help them if you want the Tribals help. There are tons of side quests in the game which will keep you occupied. As this is an island full of Natural Resources , You can also hunt animals in order to craft your equipments. And also harvest plants. 

         The Crafting Skill adds a whole new experience  to the game. You can craft your medicine, bags  and other requirements from the harvested Plants and Skinned animals. As you gain experience by completing the main missions and side missions, the experience will be used to unlock Tattoos, which in turn gives you the skills you'll need to survive on the Island.

         The Island is packed with Action and Adventure to quench your thirst of spilling Blood. You should liberate Enemy Outposts by killing all the Bad Guys in the Outpost. Once you liberate an outpost, it will Become a fast Travel Point. There are lots of different guns which can be bought from shops or unlocked for Free by liberating the Radio Towers. Its Your Mission and its up to you to plan your mission. You can either Take down an Enemy Silently and You can use the nature to your advantage by using your Enemies as a bait to the Predators. If Stealth is not your type then you can always create an Ambush or prepare a full fetched Assault on your Enemies.

        The Graphics of the game are stunning. From the Glittering Water of the Ocean to the Greeny Vegetation looks Absolutely Fantastic. The environment looks Bright and Beautiful. Of course the nights also looks Fabulous.

The Verdict

        There are a few problems in the game. I've Experienced some glitches but the latest Patch would fix it up. The vehicle handling is a bit tough and Bad. The game could also have been better with a strong Story Line. Other than these minute problems the game is Awesome. As i said in the Beginning it an Action Packed Open World game. The graphics look Stunning. The gameplay is also very good. And To tell you the Truth, The Villain in the game, That is The Infamous Vaas is my favourite Character. His Attitude is Awesome. So if you are an Open World Adventure Fan Then this game is a must Buy. This is surely way better than its Prequel with a much better Gameplay, Graphics and Story. 

Taking Down An Enemy Silently