Far Cry 3
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better than getting infection

And there is was, in the pirate outpost with a black smoke raising from it and a red flag on the pole. about 70m away from it i took out my camera and begin to search the outpost area for me to tag the pirates, about 6 that i tag then i put back my camera and begin to rush the nearest bush in the outpost. The next second there is a big guy holding a Pulemeyot Kalashnikova machine gun, or a PKM in the game. He had mask that hold headshot from the front  and a large body armor from the front but oddly he had to wear a pair of sandals than a boot might be his weakness i pull a special M1911 with suppressor and a red dot. Shadow the name. then i aim it to the heavy, but i don't hesitate to do kill it, but just tag it. The Heavy was move away from me now, then aim for the 2 pirates not far from me I move swiftly trough cover and do a slit throat to the first pirates then pull a knife from it and throw it to the second one. 50exp was granted to me after the killing. but not so lucky for me, one of the pirates says "what the hell!?" then "who's body is that?!" he approached the pirate that i kill with the knife. He search around while saying "i will found whoever did this" and "i will find you snow white!" Snow white? but don't think of snow white that await prince to kiss her after a long sleep, in rook island this situation can be happened. Rook island, you'll never find it in the map maybe it is too small for even appear in world map or it is a fiction, pick one. anyway you ever feel you have found a tropical paradise, then you think it is heaven. you're having a vacation with your friends and brothers in this beautiful island. but all that can't cover the truth that the island filled with psychotic-drug addict pirates that had very itchy trigger finger? nightmare. you play as Jason Brody with the gang of pirates called it "snow white" is the main protagonist of this game he was once a simple man, but the jungle reveal it's true self. back to the outpost. The pirate that search me seems weak, he hold his AK-47 and ready to shoot when im revealing my self, so i follow him jump onto ledge and kill him with death from above kill, 1 machete stab into his chest will make the job done, for safe stealth, i drag the body to a bush nearby to hide it. night attack was proved useful for stealth, reducing their field of vision is an advantage for me. deactivate the alarm easily will make them no use of reinforcements. The AI in the game is smart, although they're just a bunch of drug-addicted pirates, their battle tactics is fast and different by their class, the usual pirates is the weakest, they had their AK-47 and some grenades to attack player with flanking moves and blind fire. pyromaniacs and charger are the worst charging into bullet riddled field with half naked body makes them easy to kill, but combining zig-zag and fast manoeuvre, they're also kind of hard to kill in certain situation. pyromaniacs had its webbing full of molotov, when not in hostile situation they always drink booze from one of the webbing i guess. but like i said, it is dumb to put a molotov in in front part of the body, 1 shot can make them burn even much worse, when they burn they run onto us with those flames. heavies can be hard to kill here, heavy armor in chest and head, equipped with LMG they're hard to defeat with bullet. an explosive from mines, C4 and RPG will do the job in 1 explosion. the tactics i use in the outpost to defeat them is putting some mines in their walking routes wait a couple of minutes then *BOOM!* his dead with the exp for me. after putting alarms down and heavies, going for rambo mode is safe, pull out AK-47 and start the pirates that are still cautious by the dead of the heavy. I start with a burst to those who near me, then search for cover while the pirates knowing their comrades die with a bullet pierce trough the head and rushing and shooting their AK's to me. The cover mechanics is very useful here, player can shoot while in cover without toggle the crouch button. if player just click without aiming will make Jason put a blind fire to them, and with using sight the player can stay low while keeping most body under cover. Player will also gain access to weapon modification in this sequel, player can put red dot, reflex sight, marksman sight and even paint job to make the weapon looks awesome. but other thing than that is crafting plays significant roles here, with crafting player can carries more ammo, holster to carry more weapon of choice and more. player also can creates medical syringes from the plant that are scattered around the island, better than had to but from the merchant if i say so. after easy win against the pirates, i claim the outpost as my safehouse now. and the area around it will be safer to pass with the pirates lost one of their base. but this is one of the journey you can find at FarCry 3, you also will be busy with collecting collectibles and Radio Tower to unlock signature weapon that are stronger and cooler than it's ordinary counterparts.and the cooler part is you dont get malaria like the previous games, even it is in the jungle, but still keep it's awesome healing animation that sometimes make you gross or laugh due to its animation. and for another detail of the game, you must experience it personaly, and reveal the insanity out there, in the jungle.