Hotline Miami
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When I saw the trailer I was like *WooT*. But when the game was out and I bought it. And played. IT WAS AWESOME!

This game proves that graphics aren't the thing an game should have as priority number 1. The game is awesome! Sadly there's an small number of people playing this game, but if the makers of this game add some things like: MAP EDITOR, the game would be AMAZING! I mean... Making our own maps, missions.... The gameplay is VERY simple in this game. Just kill everything that moves! There are boss fights, too. And boss fights are pretty easy when you see what is the weakness of your enemy. After you finish an level you will get a score! The highest score you get, the better you are! You will have some fun time playing this game! Trust me, I had!


This game haves:

1. Nice music (Very very nice music)

2. Nice story, and at the same time confusing.

3. Nice gameplay. You can easily get killed. So you need an strategy on how to kill all enemies.

4. It also haves "Masks" and diferrent masks give diferrent powers!


You can unlock weapons, too!

There are MANY weapons! My favorite weapon is the Samurai Sword!

I LOVE how the game gives you the option on how YOU wanna complete the mission.

1. Be silent and use meele weapons.

2. Use guns and kill everything that moves.


And + this game is only 6 dolars on Steam!(Holiday sale -25%)


This game is totally worth of playing!

If you are not sure about buying this game, go to youtube and search for "Hotline Miami Gameplay".

Another good thing about this game is that you don't need an good computer to play it!

So becouse this I give Hotline Miami an 10 out of 10 rating!