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Minecraft is a hard game to review because of it's many ways of entertaining people and countless updates. Minecraft puts you in a land of blocks to survive or create, click survival you're going to have to find some wood fast or you may get eaten alive or shot by a skeleton or even sneak attacked by an enderman. With endless recipes to create resources needed in order to survive crank it up to the hardest difficulty to really test your Minecraft skills.
Now click it onto creative and find yourself making amazing structures and artwork that'll amaze all of your friends, with a great user friendly creative interface you can find any item Minecraft has to offer and stack unlimited amounts of them.
Play Online with friends and fight against hostile mobs, or even help each other build a mansion or even a village for that matter... Oh wait you can find those now in the already generated landscape along with dungeons and strongholds. Take a trip into the nether to retrieve some resources needed for potions or get glowstone and light up your structure without having to place endless amounts of torches.
The best part about Minecraft is that it can run on almost any computer whether it be a laptop or a desktop most could run this game, but be warned that it can also overheat laptops too.
Overall Minecraft is a great sandbox game, delivering endless gameplay time to its audience with updates released every month to keep you stuck to this game. There are some bugs that come with the updates but Mojang do their best to fix them as fast as possible. Mods and Texturepacks are a massive thing in this game that can make a whole new game out of it, Minecraft has a great community and great developers and is a must buy.