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A large detector Malware already updated to this new year gives us confidence and protection for the new year.

If you are looking for a software that not spend many resources, keep protege and a real-time shield it can trust this program. Not a conventional antivirus others trying to buy with your designs and quantities of modules that ultimately will endanger more than protect you.

Another important thing of this software may be your tools such as its function is basically FileASSASSIN remove unwanted programs that are blocked as those famous virus that behave as running processes and can not be erased or restarting the computer in safe mode.

Malwarebytes is a simple system that will keep you aware of any abnormality on your computer and try to solve any problem ocacionado for malware, I have it and given me a wonderful great protection.

I hope those who have to enjoy this great software.
Happy new year and the continued protection.

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