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I wrote this review long ago just some random fun, and I haven't changed anything in it. :)

Severance: Blade of Darkness is a slash 'n' smash game made in 2001. There are 4 main characters: Tukaram the Barbarian that specialises in two-handed weapons (Claymores and other heavy weapons), Naglfar the Dwarf that specialises in heavy smashing weapons (Axes and hammers), Sargon the Knight that specialises in hit and defend weapons (Swords and shields) and finally Zoe the Amazonian that specialises in long or ranged weapons (Staffs, spears and bows). Each of the characters have different backgrounds and stories.

Going back to a retro-classic 2001 game there are bound to be mistakes and glitches, one of the most common glitches in the game that I found f***ed up was that on Zoe's first quest/mission when walking down stairs the gravity would slightly push you, and if you were near the top of the stairs it would push you to the very bottom which took 50-80 damage off of your character, which slightly takes the mickey because Zoe only has 60 health points to start with anyway...
Another thing I found very annoying was there is no 'auto save' feature, so you must save every ten minutes 'cause if you don't you will probably stumble upon an enemy which is stronger than your character or a trap that slices you in two.
This game is not all down-sides though; the slash 'n' smash strategy and methods are amazing: sneak attacks do more damage; you can cut a certain limb of your enemy in whichever way you slash. Even with strong enemies your methods and fighting tactics can beat them.
There are a wide range of enemies and weapons that get harder and better once you progress through the game.

Graphics - 6/10 - For a 2001 game the graphics are good but now the graphics kindof fail.
Gameplay - 8.5/10 - As said in the review the slash 'n' smash on this game is unbelievable.
Controls - 7/10 - Quite hard to get used to...but once played 2-3 times you get used to it.
Difficulty - 8.5/10 - Some enemies are easy but then you get the occasionally hard badass, even at the first quest.
Overall - 8/10 - Best fighting system of the years 2000-2006.