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Windows doesn’t need any introduction right ???

Yes it doesn’t, but it is the brand new ‘Windows 8’ which definitely deserves a proper introduction for Windows lovers and also for Windows haters.

Windows 8 is the latest version of the Windows operating system, from Microsoft for desktops, laptops, and tablets; it was released on 26th of October 2012. I have seen many changes in Windows since its first arrival but this is the biggest of them all. With Windows 8, things change radically; the Modern interface is designed to be used with touch screens as well as with a mouse and keyboard, and requires programs to be written specially for it. The old flag logo has been replaced with a new one for Windows 8 which is designed in Metro style.

It is the biggest move Microsoft has made so far. Now the main question is, will the changes be accepted by the users or not!!!


Things you can love or hate


The installation process of Windows 8 runs a bit faster than its predecessors, it is fast and easy, the installation process looks identical to Windows 7’s at first, it will first set the installer to copy files to your hard drive. You will receive your updates about the installation process in the black installation screen. After that, it will require you to do a few customizations of settings like picking your PC name and your favorite color and adjustment of settings for the Windows Live ID. I must say that Windows 8 provides a fast and efficient yet simple installation process which actually deserves to be acknowledged swiftly.

When you start your computer it will boot straight to the lock screen, then you swipe upwards, or click or press a key on your keyboard to remove it and see the user accounts. The Lock screen shows the date and time and can also show more detailed information like Weather or Mail. Now here’s a new thing, you can enter your password traditionally or choose the option for the picture password, which adds a new flavor to modern computing.

Another big change is our beloved Start Menu, which is surprisingly not present in Windows 8, instead of that window 8 features a new live-tiles Start screen and it is well designed and looks premium. The live tiles can display live information, for example- you can see the current weather activity without launching the Weather application. Similarly, you can see the latest news headlines, emails and much more. As you install applications, new tiles are created on the start screen. You can also add tiles as shortcuts to the applications which are already installed. You can just tap or click on a tile and drag it to a new position and everything else will rearrange around it, and some tiles can be shrunk or enlarged as you demand, making it easier to find the applications you mostly prefer to use. You can pinch to zoom out, then scroll and zoom in when you see the tile you want; it is as easy as that!

The Task Manager has also been changed, including a new processes tab with the option to display more or lesser details of running applications and background processes, and it will certainly give you a clear picture of whats happening on your PC. The old Windows Explorer has been renamed File Explorer, and it has adapted a few changes like a ribbon in place of the command bar, a new File History function, and also File operation dialog boxes have been upgraded to provide the ability to pause file transfers and more.

Now about the Gaming, you can play all the new games in windows 8 very smoothly without any glitch at all, although you need to have the right set of hard-wares in your rig. On the other hand you may have some problem on running the old classic games from Windows 95 to XP era, some of them will work and some of them will not, some of the 16bit games may have installation issues or DirectX problems, but then again you can always use tweaks to fix the bugs and problems.




Well frankly, you may find Windows 8 to be rather annoying for being unconventional, with its new and drastically changed interface you can get pissed off for not being able to control it. Windows 8 focuses mainly on touch computing for which users without a touch device will find it difficult to navigate throughout the OS, which adds a negative point of fact to Windows 8. But after getting familiarized with the interface you may easily control the system with no problem at all. Other than that it is a nice OS to try out, it may be new and have some drawbacks but it will get updates eventually and it will pull itself together. And even if you don't like it, you have to wait for the next windows version to come out or there is the always dependable Windows 7 standing by. 

The new live tile Start Screen