Dead Island
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I was excited when Steam told me that the download for "Dead Island" was at 99%, my friends had told me that this game was absolutely amazing, with great graphics and all that stuff.


But when I pressed "Play", I was disappointed.


For starters, the graphics weren't as good as I was expecting, the textures, the models, that stuff... They did not please me, but graphics aren't everything on a game, are they?


The music, right now I can't even remember if there was any music, or if it were, it was so crappy I just opened AIMP3 and put on some metal, because frankly, if I don't like the soundtrack of a game, I just listen to my music. It has happened with Dead Island, it has happened with Just Cause 2, Sins of a Solar Empire, etc.


Also, the story, it looked promising when I started the game (yay hope) buuuut after a couple of hours of gameplay, it got repetitive and boring. They were all asking me to do things and it was all basically the same:


Go outside, kill some zombies, grab/fix something, go back for reward


And that was it...

I stopped playing after about 5 hours (of course, not 5 hours in a row) and uninstalled the game.

Waste of money in my opinion. Even in co-op, I've played co-op, my friends can't seem to understand that I think this game is lame. I honestly prefer Left 4 Dead.


Well at least it was on sale.