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Dishonored is my favourite game of 2012 and I've decided to write a review about it.
Dishonored is not only a stealth game, but an advanced decision-making game. You have to choose your own destiny! Which way to the target? How to kill the target? How would one escape from being pursued?
You play as Corvo Attano - a bodyguard and agent (Lord Protector) to the Empress Jessamine Kaldwin. Placed in a Steampunk world where there is a plague and things not ever seen before, then everything is strange to the gamer to begin with. Eventually Corvo goes rogue after being framed for a crime he did not commit and gains special powers from a supernatual-being called The Outsider. It is Corvo's destiny to use the powers he has been given to get revenge on the people whom framed him.

Games of 2012 are mostly the same thing, one-after-another. It's good to actually see a change in gaming industry, and even better to see a game as good as Dishonored.
The fact that you can use Blink to teleport short distances there can be hardly any way to get stuck in any one place, and with that said glitches do not occur as much. Although there is an autosave function, I do recommend saving regularly.
I really love the buying system and that you're not only an assassin on a vicious revenge scheme, but you are also a thief and you need the money you steal to buy upgrades for equipment. Where as the powers are easier since you have The Heart, which tells you where every Rune is on the current map...
Dishonored may seem to be easy at first, but if you want to do something right (I wanted not to be caught all the way through and be the king of assassins) you must be very cautious! (Of course I got caught on basically each level.)

Graphics - 8/10 - The graphics seem to be a little blur-ed at some times and if you're really looking at them, they can be an eyesore.
Gameplay - 9.5/10 - The stealthy gameplay is awesome! There is no other way to describe what it is.
Controls - 9/10 - The controls for the PC are easy to get used to (as you could guess), but then comes the Xbox which is pretty different because there is not enough buttons.
Difficulty - 7/10 - As said above it may seem easy to actually kill everything in plain-sight, but are you really playing the game to its full potential if you're just killing everyone?
Overall - 8.75/10 - Great game and it wins my GoTY 2012. :)