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As a huge franchise fan of this soccer simulation since 2004 i bought this game. I enjoyed it for a couple of hours that i played it. But i wanted to sit down and check the details a little.


Dope parts:

-The graphics are really good. Better than any other.

-The new system of shooting the ball,dribling,passing and tacling is really improved.

- I like the improvements on the mods. Uefa,become a legend,Master league


Huge bugs that even patches can't fix. I have seen players fall down for no reason. The goalkeppers acting dumb. And some goals that a 7 year old could have defended have gone in by luck.

-The improvements in the mods are great but the mods afret a couple days get downright boring.I expected their biggest mod(become a legend) to be something else here but nothing. Just the shoes and the items i can buy that i don't really need. I am still expecting a breaktrought in Master League but it is still the same old thing. The only thing they have changed is the agent. It is a girl now.

If you are thinking about buying this game for your amusement and play-time. Don't. This is just a game to play with your friends on a sunday night when everybody is drunk.