Assassins Creed 3
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Epic naval battles

   Hello again for today.I would like to apologize to everyone anout my previous Assassins creed 3 review I was running short on time and I did not voice my opinions correctly.Another thing i would like to clarify is that  English is not my native language so I might have some grammar mistakes or misspell some words.My apologies also to these who found my previous review offensive in some ways.

   Assassins creed 3 takes place during the American revolution.The main protagonist is Connor Kenway,a native American who wants to protect his village for the templars whose leader is his father Haytham Kenway.You initialy play as Haytham Kenway.Its like an introduction to the game that informs you why Haytham came to America,how he met Connor's mother and also you meet some of the main antagonists.Now dont expect anything super exciting besides some plot twists in the first 4 sequences,just missions no interesting sidequests besides boardgames. A fantastic game one of the best of this year.Every Assassins creed has a great story and ac3 is no exception.Also there are many improvements in the visional section.Improved physx,better graphics and better facial expressions.Although connor is not as cool as ezio he is still a likeable character.Another cool thing about ac3 is  freedom.Sure you could wonder around Rome,Florence,Instanbul and many other big cities in the previous games but now the world is even bigger.Besides the big cities there are also forects and oceans the wildlife in ac3 is rich aswell.You can find from rabbits and deers to cougars and bobcats.Another big installment is the naval battles.Naval battles are epic in this game,for me ubisoft did a great job   and I think that they could me a game just with these naval battles.Also assassins creed 3 is the biggest in duration in the franchise,its more than 40 hours if you play the sidequests of cource.However main missions are not that many just 4-5 in each sequence and there are 12 sequences.However I do not like some additions that ubisoft made like the lock picking mechanic,it simply doesnt work and the ai is  a bit stupid the guards are blind.Also there are tons of bugs and glitches,npcs suddenly disappearing,invisible guards and many other annoying things.But the thing that i didnt like is the optimization.I mean why companies neglect us pc gamers.

Besides these faults Assassins creed 3 is a wonderful game.

P.S. I hope you found my new review better and more informative than the other 

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