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As I was browsing GD to see what games I can play on my rig, I saw Fable: The Lost Chapters, and I thought "Why shouldn't I make a review about this game? I mean, I played it a lot."

But what does this game so popular? Why are many people overwhelmed of this game? Let's find out!

You start as a little kid, who lives in a village, Oakland, with his father and sister. One day, he finds out that it was his sister's birthday. He makes good deeds and gets some money for her present. Once he gets enough money, he buys her a box of chocolates. Once he gave her the present, bandits came and killed everyone in that village. They kidnap her sister, but, being smart, the little kid stays hidden until they left. Once they left, he's concerning about his father, and runs to him.

If you want to know what happened to his father, then play the game. I recommend it 9.50/10.