Diablo III
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Right I have done a review of this already, but I must say that I need to review it again. Firstly after extensive play time on this game I am still enjoying it. I can't be very good though as I am still a low rank Wizard of only level 31. Yet I have reached the final battle with Diablo himself now. I must admit I am finding it hard but to this point haven't had too many problems. Act IV was very tough in comparison to Act V which has been much easier and straight forward until this boss fight. Now I must confess that I have really enjoyed this game it works like a dream on my laptop, the controls seem spot on even for me. By this I mean I don't like a lot of keyboard pressing as I have big fingers, but I have no problems with this game in that respect.

   Now the graphics are spot on and I have the detail fairly high in the highest resolution that my laptop lets me. It is so smooth and the dreaded lag that I got when I first started playing so long ago has gone. I haven't had one incident or any other stupid glitches. Now this is why I have gone back to playing the game because I had heard they had sorted the lag out etc. In terms of graphics it will never trouble better systems but it is nice to know that even with my humble laptop I can play this and still revel at how good it looks.

      So what do I now think of the plot? Well it's still as mad as a box of frogs but it is enjoyable. You are always fighting some beast and they do get better and more varied as you progress. Even though my Wizard is not strong it is rather satisfying to destroy one of these creatures, as the spells etc are so wonderful in the way they look and tear through the monsters.

Well after all this has my opinion changed on Diablo III? Well yes it has I am enjoying it more and for the first time in a long time I am going to the next difficulty level. This I haven't done since the first Gears of Wars on the 360. I would recommend you stick with the game it can be a bit of a slog but it is so worth it when you get that Eureka moment. Enjoy! I am going back for more to find other ways to kick Diablo's butt!